Reproducibility Of Time

At times we either deliberately try or unknowingly attempt to continue to live in one time/era of our lives for which we avoid changing our selves and giving up our thoughts. It is quite common for many people to remain stuck in past for one reason or the other. For many, recreating the happy moments of past makes them motivated to carry on in life.

But wait a moment. Isn’t it running away from the present and not ‘accepting’ the current moment in its totality? Denying the truth is like putting yourself in short lived fantasies because the truth ultimately gets revealed. We have many examples of people who spend huge amount of money on their looks attempting to look young again. These attempts to reproduce or recreate the same happy time are all bound to fail because once gone, time is forever gone and no external object can bring it back to our lives.

I would like to quote the example of Roxette over here. Both Marie and Per never spent money on trying to look younger by plastic surgeries, face lifting etc. They seem to accept and enjoy every phase of life as it is. And it is truth that every age has its own pleasures and leisure. Therefore accepting oneself in all aspects is one of the strongest quality to enjoy every moment of life.

 Roxette in 1980's.

Roxette in 2012. One of the rare artists who did not bother spending any money to look younger.

Therefore it is more important to be thankful of the present moment that you have and live it great. Dragging the past in an attempt to make the present happy will never work because things existing in past would never last long.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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