Filter is very important for survival. I think eventually those societies progressed ahead that  have used filter to monitor and select only safe and approporiate things to reach to the masses. If you remove filter, you allow all sort of impurities to come and settle and get absorbed in your society.

It is same as if we start to travel without any direction and destination in mind. Internet is a best example of where filter can help save you your time and energies from being wasted. Internet is a pool of information. If you decide to spend time searching every type of content, you would realize that you would be doing yourself more harm than any good. Similarly many times when people break up from a relationship, I tell them that God puts a filter in our lives. People who are not worth us are removed through this ‘filter’ and our life is actually purified from unnecessary individuals. No one would like to have insincere people in their lives so for those who choose to walk away should be allowed to do so without regret because the one who is sincere will find ways to manage while the one who is not serious will find an easy way out.

Similarly some consider disciplines as a barrier and believe that they should be free. Rules, disciplines and laws are there to help us. Imagine if everyone starts to break the traffic signal because they do not want to be bound? Or if in the pursuit of 'freedom of expression' such words are spoken which become the cause of anger and aggression? 

Another example where the filter principles actually can help a lot is media. Criminals often report in police investigations that they made up the plan or got idea from certain movies or T.V. dramas. Therefore the filter; the ability to select the good and refuse the bad things helps actually to save and shape up the society in really positive terms.

An effective anti-virus also acts like a filter protecting your computer and files.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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