Why Me?

"Why Me" is a very common feeling in if not all of us then most of us. If anything bad happens or goes against us and our thoughts, we always question ourselves "Why does this always happen to me" or to put it short "Why Me?"

Don't worry , it is not always happening to you or to me only but to everyone around us. Nothing is really sad or good but only our perception about life and things that make us believe things to be either good or bad.

If you do hard work and have faith in God , then there is no reason that you fail if the thing is good for you. As Allah says in Holy Quran that it may happen that you like a thing that is not good for you and dislike a thing that is good for you , man does not know , God knows.

Anyway here are we to discuss the tips that will make you reduce the "Why Me" feelings.

1.A coin has two sides , a slice has two sides, similarly everything has two sides. Now it's again unto you to see which side. Always try to take the good side , don't give up. Instead of being sad , try to look at the brighter side, even an accident has a brighter side that it makes you careful in future and failures always give us an opportunity to do the same things even more better. Therefore don't be afraid of failures , don't be afraid or scared of them. When you fail , realize that where did you go wrong and now what you should do to avoid this failure again in life. And don't wish that you could turn back time or undo things coz first it's never going to happen and if it happened, then all the experience and lesson would be taken away from you as well and you would do the same mistake again.

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin called "The Life" so if you succeed, it never means that you can never fail and if you fail , it also means that you can never succeed rather you have more bright chances of success in future coz you've seen which thing when done wrong makes one fail , so don't be afraid of failures. Failures are the stairs to success.

And as always nothing is the end of the world, so why do you want to carry the weight of the world on yourself even for something that doesn't deserve so much of your attention?

2. You're not the only one who is suffering on the face of Earth, yes believe me there are so many other people who have gone through more worse conditions but still survived coz they believed in surviving. So if something bad happens to you , don't say" why does it always happen to me"? Why could it not happen to you? Are you someone different?

Everyone has equal joys and sorrows in life, you and I have same percentage of sorrows and pains , my pains are different and yours are different, if I don't face the same grief as you do, it does not mean that I don't have no other negative aspect in my life.

Even the ratio of sadness and happiness is the same but sorrows seem to be more only because we take them seriously.

3. Life is all fun , yes believe me if you develop this approach towards life, everything would seem good to you. This phrase does not mean to waste time or do silly things but just to believe that whatever may happen , it is still life. Till the instant you are alive, God still plans for you and wants you to do something special , something important. So always look for that work. If you want to experience this phrase, look back at your life and you would understand that in our past years, we used to take tension of things that were not important and we did silly things.

4. Instead of seeing what you lack , first see that what do you have and what you should struggle for? That way would be easy for even yourself to know that what are your preferences and you will find easy to work hard. Instead of seeing the glass half empty see it as half filled as well , which means that if you lack something , you have also got many things. No one is perfect but life challenges us with the fact that everything can be done better. It means that while starting a day , plan to be happy , to help people, to love them, to talk sweetly and politely to them and most importantly to learn a good thing everyday.

5.Always keep a connection with God. Don't disobey God, instead of living your life under your stupid rules, live your life the way God wants you to because He is your master and He knows what is good for you and what is bad. So always do what God wants you to do. Be friend with God coz only He is the only friend who will never leave you or do bad with you. Follow and apply the scripture in your life and you'll see the change in your life.

6.Always keep a comedy corner in your life, take things in a good way. Life is all fun. Watch light comedy movies , romantic comedies. They will help you in developing a light attitude towards life, the best romantic movies that make me feel better are "How to lose a guy in 10 days?" , "Runaway Bride" , "Pretty Woman" . Do not watch the movies too much but whenever you want to , always prefer a light movie. Avoid watching action, violence , horror and bloody movies.

7. If you are social enough , you can avoid a lot of problems. Problems are all solved by how we manage things and for managing the things properly we need to have a good experience. The more you meet people , the more you learn from them. When you are social , even life becomes good. Meet everyone, go to every party , don't miss the chances even when you know that none of your friends are coming to a party but if you are invited , go there, you'll learn new experiences and may find a more good friend.

8. Love is one of the things that confuse many of not only my circle of people but also all over the world

Now what to do?

Just remember some things in life:

Love reaches to you at it's time , make your life first.

True love reaches to you without any horrible planning.

Whatever God does is good for a man.

The joy with which you accept a partner God gives you , when God takes your partner back , return with the same joy.



Smile at life and life will smile at you , don't worry and don't panic. Take it easy and learn always to smile .

You will definitely find a change in your life when you will apply these tips.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.




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