The Violent Tendencies


When we take a general look at our life styles, we may find certain things that are not right but we still let those things affect us and put negative effect on our brain and psychology. Violent or the tendency to go uncontrolled to an extent that it may hurt someone would be discussed here, how does it happen? What could be the factors and possible solutions ?


1.Cause of aggressiveness lie in the childhood:

Many rather 89% of our life matters reflect the way we were brought up in our childhood. The people with violent mind can be anyone , it can be someone who has a sweet charming innocent smile but still has the tendency to violation or a person being too rough .Whatever the case may be , the root cause of weakness lie in the childhood, the tendency to lose control over oneself.

Some factors or some events that depressed the mind in the childhood and went unsolved till an age the person considers them as "normal". For example it has been found that the children who grew in an unhealthy or unchecked environment like too much influenced by violent movies, frustrated songs become more violent compared to other children who had a good brought up. Past experiences of being tortured, abused or treated unfairly can lead to a violent mind.


2.How does the tendency appear?

People with violent tendencies or the tendencies to commit crimes are basically the recessive sufferers , the people who will suffer anything without speaking a word and in the end , they blame themselves for something that went wrong.

Any act of violation arises due to high insecurity or any feeling of danger .It has also been proved that few cases did the actions they saw in certain movies, when felt  endangered.

Another reason that comes to be the factor behind violence is the early childhood suffering any child suffered, some cases became criminals because they went through same crime in childhood and now everyone else has to be treated that way as a revenge.

Violent tendencies arise basically due to emotional misbalancing , when a person is afraid to admit who he/she really is, when people around him discourage or under-estimate him or give no attention to him.


3.Dealing positively with the situations:

The first step in fighting something is to consider it as "Bad" if you want to get rid of it , now the second step comes to be this that you've to accept your own self. It doesn't mean that if someone is a thief , so for the rest of his life, he remains a thief , no it is not like this. It is this that you should not be afraid to talk to yourself , you've to be honest with your own self , understand and analyze what happened in the past and how you must got to take control of all the old events? You shall not be scared to look in the past and understand how it happened ? Why it happened? What are your feelings about this event? You need to discuss these feelings, these perceptions with someone really close to you or else you can preferably go to a psychiatrist, until and unless you are not going to "discuss" it all out , nothing is going to work for you. Ask the people how do they see you and your behavior ? 

Once the things are revised clearly , many people got rid of their violent tendencies and you've got to be honest with yourself that if a bad event happened , why did it happen? Was it your fault or was it an accident? Whatever it was , the right solution would only appear if you clearly put things out and honestly talk about the event.

Constantly remind yourself that you are not going to hurt anyone. They are loveable and simple human beings who have respect for you and want to have good friendship with you

Don't suppress your thoughts , always have someone to talk about your thoughts.

If the violations still appear, try doing the following:

1.Directly cut off watching all the action/horror movies , over sad and emotional videos or any kind of music that takes you back into your past , instead try switching towards lighter , funny movies and comedies.

2.Learn anger management techniques. (You can get them at Cool Bluez)

3.Developing a positive approach

4.Loving the people around yourself , telling yourself that you want to treat them in the similar way you want them to treat you.

5.Avoiding constant noises , avoid waking till late nights disturbing natural body clock for sleep.

For more , please consult a psychiatrist for more good results.



Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.




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