What Stagnates Me?

This article will highlight points which create stagnation in our lives and how we can be playing our part in preventing progress in our lives. Every problem, every situation has some ‘input’ from our own selves as well. Therefore it is essential to identify and correct those behaviors which may be putting us far behind.

1. Indecisiveness:

If you cannot take decisions yourself, you would be lagging behind as you will always be expecting others to decide for you. No one can stand in your shoes; no one can decide what’s best for you because only you know your true strength, weakness, wishes and fears etc. Being unable to decide keeps you in a static, low position in life.

2. Rigidity in thoughts:

If you firmly believe and follow a set pattern of thoughts strongly, you would be ignoring many of the good options available in life. This can happen because you would be refusing anything which lies outside the box of your ‘selected set thoughts’. It is essential to step out of the box and realize what new things you need to think and ponder upon.

3. The biasness:

We often become obstacles in our pathway to progress and success by being biased. For example, we often refuse to see any positive quality in people with whom we have some differences. We start to label them and believe that nothing good can come from them when in fact, they may be the ones to assist and guide us at some stage in life.

4. A poor generalization:

Stereotyping and making generalized conclusions about people and situations can also be detrimental for our own selves. It inhibits us from freely analyzing situations in a neutral manner. Human mind can make things appear the way it perceives things. If someone has wrong perceptions, it should not come as a surprise that he/she would believe the wrong facts as well, only to realize in the end that the reality was quite different than the imagined and assumed truth.

5. An irritating stimulus:

It is best to be always ‘disturbed’ by something because it pushes us to seek solution. If you become satisfied with everything in life, you’ll lose the passion, the urge to struggle and achieve greater goals. Therefore always think of how you can improve and contribute in the things that are related and associated with you. If you lose the passion to do more, you’ll be stuck up in life.

6. Have realistic ideals:

It is good to have examples of people in life who inspire you to do something better. They can be anyone but the best is if you can find examples of people related to your profession. This way you’ll have a clear picture of the pathway they followed to reach the current position in their career, how they reached it and how they are constantly improving themselves.


 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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