Sensitivity That Senses

Everyone of us is sensitive about some things in life which we consider important and it's a natural thing, there's nothing wrong with it. But being over-sensitive can not only create problems for you but also for others. Here we will try to provide you with tips that you can apply to reduce your over-sensitive attitude.

1.A change in attitude:

You should try to stay calm and let not yourself be controlled by emotions rather you should control your emotions especially the immediate emotions. Try to overlook the little things in life, it is true that nothing really matters at all until you don't let it to matter to you. Things are never solved by reacting rather than acting in a good manner. Consider if someone does bad or say you a bad word and you say the same, this cycle of events will keep on running bringing us no advantage rather frustration and more negative feelings. Stay relaxed, people will often act irrational, they have been doing it since centuries and will keep doing so...why worry when life is too short and you only punish yourself by being over sensitive.

2.Staying focused :

Many people are sensitive to issues of the world that have nothing to do with their life. Such people keep on pondering about distracting topics wasting their time and energies. If you keep your eyes focused towards a goal, things would stop mattering you. If you worry about a thing for which you cannot practically do anything, you are only increasing your fragility and over sensitive nature will grow and grow, if you really feel moved and disturbed at any issue, pray for it but worrying when there's nothing in your hands is not going to help you.


Being flexible enough to try to understand why a certain man acts in a particular way can also help you know that you're being sensitive about something about which you can't do anything. Sometimes someone is so worried that he/she does or say words that are said unwillingly but they cause us hurting, but who is to be blamed? No one but once we can understand the reason why certain people act rude, we can save ourselves from getting extra worried. Only with a flexible attitude you can survive.

4.Taking it as a part of life and being practical:

If a bad event occurs, don't start weeping saying "It always happens to me". Life is full of good and bad events, sometimes bad events are enough to make us sad but then take it as a normal part of life, this is what life is all about so why worry and get tense? Say to yourself "So what if that has happened? This is life and many things happen, it's not the end of the world and I'm not going to waste my time by thinking about it.

If something really happens which you think is really bad or causing you worry, then instead of blaming the written fate or wishing you could run away, try to be practical and look for ways to solve the problems. Yelling about things would not do anything for you but complicate the situation more.

5.Always following emotions and feelings of heart would lead you nowhere:

Life is much much more than to keep a record sheet of what someone did with you , restricting yourself to a certain few number of friends and categorizing people as good and bad would only isolate you from the society. Don't get irritated by what people say, they only say coz they are jealous and they couldn't do any good work themselves so they find to criticize other people, don't lose your temper over people of low mental caliber.

Good Luck


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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