I Can Learn To Be More Responsible

One of the very rare topics to which any attention is given the methods to increase ways to become a more good responsible person. Responsibility does not come on one's own half but has it's roots in the child training by his/her parents. An introvert parents will never be able to have responsible children unless the children learn themselves to change their attitude towards life.

Here we will talk about various causes of why some children tend to be irresponsible and methods to be a responsible person instead.

With the help of a psychology student, this page has been prepared, so instead of writing my own observations, I'll add the feelings mentioned by the subject and the possible reason for those feelings as stated by psychology.

Patient feels:

1.I want to run away from everything

2.I feel I can't do anything

3. I would learn it soon but not now.

4.What are the steps to change if I want to change?

The student reported as:

1.The patient feels the disorder #1 because family history indicated that no attention or any task was assigned due to which the patient feels scared to take any step.

2.The disorder #2 is related to some big spots on the mind that sometimes the patient did or tried to do any sort of work, it didn't happen good and he/she had to face a bad result/punishment or result due to which this feeling arose.

3.The feeling # 3 indicates element of procrastination due to which the patient has never developed the habit of taking things head on, takes life casually and thinks that things will improve or go smoothly without his/her own much involvement.

 4. Feeling # 4 relates to the patient's own will to improve into a good person. He/she notices that it's the time to change now.

Steps to change:

1.First of all, DON'T PANIC to complete tasks in a hurry, there's no reward for finishing tasks early. Understand a thing first and then do it.

2.When you are free and in a positive mood, decide that what are and what should be your responsibilities ? Write them all on a paper

3.Figure out how many things are related directly to you and which are indirectly ,make a plan to fulfill the responsibilities that are directly related to you and in a good time, and then if possible give time to the tasks that are indirectly related to you.

4.Everyday when you wake up,plan what are you going to do for the new day, then write on a paper and at the end of the day, tick the tasks that you were able to do and highlight those which you couldn't do. Encourage yourself on the tasks that you did and realistically see for yourself, analyze the reasons which became a hurdle in completion of those tasks that you couldn't do and sincerely decide not to repeat those mistakes again. Practice this technique for a month or so, you will find it of great help.

5. Realize that no one else is going to come and help you. Minimize the feelings and thoughts of dependency, try doing things yourself first and take care and charge of your life. Once you would start doing and planning things carefully, you would enjoy life as you would see it getting trouble and tension free compared to the times you had to face coz of irresponsible behaviour and attitude.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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