Making Your Projects Best

Here are few tips that can help you to do a good work or a project .You might have seen that sometimes a project is done with a lot of hard work but still it fails to make a good impression. Here we will discuss tips that can make things go good while making projects.

1.Your willingness to love it:

Whatever you want to do , do it with full will . Don't take it as a burden instead love the things that are assigned to you. Take things positively and be optimistic about it. Show your creativity and express your ideas to the full extent to improve a project. "Free your bird of imagination".

2. Go in steps, plan first:

Plan every part of your project , go step by step , concentrate on every little thing coz these little things make a big difference. When you run out of ideas, take some rest, change your location, take shower (it always brings new ideas to me probably as I'm much relaxed)

3. Start when you feel like:

Summon up all your energies and start your project at a time when your mind is feeling fresh and best , your mind should be free of all sorts of tensions and depressions.

4.Working environment:

You should enjoy while doing the work. The working environment should be neat and clean , things should be properly arranged and all necessary things should be somewhere close to you so that you feel comfortable while doing the work.

5.Take regular breaks:

If the project is too tough and you don't know how to proceed next , take a break , call a nice friend, watch something on TV. or simply take a little nap , the point is just do anything that freshens up your mind and energies. If you are working in a group, keep the humor alive and keep yourself open to the ideas and suggestions to your colleagues.

6.Extra effort:

Only a step of extra effort makes the work versatile everybody does the same work and reach a limited goal but those who add extra step reach far beyond than other people and extra effort shows itself in the work.

7.User friendly:

Whatever you are working on , you need to go into fine details to make a work that further needs no detail , no explanation even to a layman , your work and products shall be user friendly. Use simple yet attractive language, pictures and try to see your project through the layman's eyes that how can your work make that layman understand and develop interest in your project.


Presentation matters a lot , even a normal product with a good presentation can do much more good than a good product with no good presentation. Whatever you develop , you should do it by your heart and things done by heart seldom fail. Design your project and wait for one week, see and revise it again and again and make changes if you feel like. Ask others how do they feel about your presentation.


Creativity lies within all of us , we just need to explore it rather we try to look for it in other people's work. You need to think , think and rethink positively and you'll find a good idea but in case you can't , see other 5-6 projects of same category , the basic image would now be built in your mind , try using it.


Whatever you design , there shall be no monotony in your work. Every time use a different idea, don't follow one idea if it goes well in all of your other projects.

11.Discussing it:

Keep on discussing it with other people , if you find any difficulty with it or if you are unsure with things, take some help or suggestion with people who have knowledge of that field or have already done some sort of the project which you are doing.

Good Luck


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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