Multitasking or Sulky Tasking?

In today's fast running world, many people advocate multitasking as it appears to be cool 'do more in less time'. While multitasking does have the advantage of giving us the ability to switch over to another task if we feel bored from doing one task, it certainly prevents us from doing thins in order of priority and often, things take longer time to complete.

Why not choose multitasking?

It has been proven that the mind can focus and concentrate on one or at the most two things at a time. The more tasks we add, our efficiency and concentration gets all divided up with the result that none of the tasks get proper attention and we tend to miss out on progress that we could have made if we were focused on one task at a time.


It never saves you time:

What can be done today cannot be done tomorrow. Multitasking steals away not only our concentration but also our time, leaving us with no other option than to complete the task late, later and further later on. With the ability to switch to a different task, that may seem 'more enjoyable', the real important task is put on the back of our mind to be done 'sometime later' and we end up often approaching the deadlines.

 Every task demands concentration and a certain mood set:

Like previously mentioned, if concentration is divided and distributed amongst different tasks, we perform even 'less than average' and results are poor. Similarly every task demands certain mindset, multitasking prevents us from staying in a certain mindset for very long as the mind starts to think of other tasks.

Stress of one work hampers progress of another:

One of another disadvantage of multitasking is that stress of one work may put you in awful mood and that can affect your performance in other tasks as well. In this way, all 4-5 tasks done at a time will be less than optimal.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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