Liking The Unlikable Job

With the current economic system collapsing and crashing world over, I tell people that they are very lucky if they still have got some job but that never ends the discussion rather it opens the discussion when they ask "You may be right but we are not happy with this job".

Certainly quitting a job when you do not have another is not a good option. We all know that we progress in areas where our interest lies. My Anatomy teacher quoted his favorite quotation (he had placed it in his office as well) "Choose a job which you love and you would not have to work a single day". SO till the time we have the job which is not of our choice, why not choose to love the job instead?

1. Have morning motivation:

If your job time starts in morning, have some motivational and interesting task/activity to do that could stimulate you to wake up early and get ready.

I love writing with my favorite pen at dawn time and seeing the changing color of the sky at that time brings immense pleasure to keep me going the whole day. If I'm traveling in a public transport, I love to read some book, if I'm driving myself, I like to listen to morning radio or my Mp3 collection and at times to holy scripture. Although all of these are 'external motivators' but they do uplift the mood to begin the day. Find what energizes you and makes you feel positive and happy.

2. Understand the process:

We understand those things easily in which we are more interested. Ok so we can develop interest in things which we can attempt to understand.

Try to understand that how are things done at your work place step by step instead of 'ohh it's boring'. Be like an investigator, a reporter, a researcher who looks for even the minutest details. Once you start to understand your job, you'll like the job more. Try reading books, articles or blogs about the kind of work you do at your job. Watch videos on how people do the same task.

3. Do not focus on end:

Forget about 'ohh when would I get free and get rid of this boring task today?" Keep analyzing things step by step . Figure how you can use your previously acquired knowledge in your work place situations.

If you are feeling much bored, take a 2-3 minutes walk. Standing or sitting in a constant position stagnates blood which decreases oxygenated blood to reach to our brain tissue thus making us feel sleepy and bored. Think about something better or else think about having some reward for yourself if you do your work better at the end of the day. 

Our minds have punishment and reward centers. If you keep thinking "When will it end?" it would be like you are punishing yourself and your mind will always try to avoid a familiar situation next time because you are training your mind to do so. Alternatively if you think about having a reward at the end of the day, you would develop likeness for your job. During my student life, I used to reward myself after finishing a boring topic by eating a chocolate. I stood 1st in my class and obtained several distinctions. 

4. Humor asks "Am I around?" :

Yes keep the humor on and around yourself. Either you could recall the funny incidents of your life or you can share some jokes at appropriate time with people. They who get bored at job are usually the ones who are very serious and reserved at work place.

5. Your radiant smile:

Make it a habit that everyone you meet, you should meet with a charismatic smile. You would like everything more when you radiate positivity in your surroundings.

6. Incorporate your interest:

Relate your hobbies or things that interest you and think how you can incorporate these in your current job. I loved acting, in teaching I incorporate a lot of acting now. Find what stimulates you and then incorporate it in your job.

7. Social life:

Try finding good coworkers and people at your workplace. When you are down and bored, have a chit chat with them. Try avoiding pessimists and complainers if you yourself don't like the current job.

8. Learn relaxation techniques:

Lot of stress can be avoided if you sleep well. Learn relaxation techniques and use them frequently to uplift your mood at workplace.

9. Decorate:

If conditions permit, try rearranging and decorating your own cabin from time to time. This will also keep you stimulated at work.

10. Look good:

Wear good clothing and dress properly. It pays to wake up early and spend some time in dressing appropriately instead of getting up at last minute and rushing towards office with no attention paid to your appearance and attire. Periodically update your wardrobe for office. Use good perfume. Heard about aromatherapy? Good smells bring good mood.

11. Don't take it to the heart:

Bad incidents can happen anytime but it's unto you to think and sink deep or you can grab a lesson, form a strategy on how to avoid or tackle such situation in future. If you have a senior or boss who keeps objecting with no good reason, try remembring that God made 2 ears; tunnel. Let the words pass through one ear and exit through the other. Why bother? Do not let your self confidence fall vulnerable to feedback from such people. Some are constant complainers and gain attention through this way, do not let such people succeed by spoiling your mood. Nothing hurts them than your solid confidence.

12. Add your input too:

Do not be a robot who does only what it is programmed to do. Suggest your input and opinion as well. We can excel in those place more where our words and opinions are valued instead of where they are snubbed.



Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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