Jealousy does it lie in you?

Jealousy can be of many kinds like jealousy of love , jealousy in studies often termed as "Competition" , jealousy in possessions that someone has this car and I don't have etc.

Nature of a jealous person:

Jealous person consider themselves as excellent in every field, being not a centre of attraction, not satisfied with achievements in life. It can be seen that people who are not satisfied with themselves, their lives and think that if they achieve certain thing, relation, job, car, other possession, their life can be improved. Seeing other people getting those things put them in jealous mode but one thing is quite clear that even after achieving the things they think they should have in order to have a good life, their jealous nature is still present because it is the inner dissatisfaction that keeps these people worried.

Effects of jealousy:

Jealous person merely do not harm any other than themselves , they are in a constant source of tension, planning stupid plans, they cannot see anyone's joys , which makes them scared of expressing their nature, they think so much of the person they're jealous of that they waste quite a lot time , lose their creative abilities, cannot go in a relation , make negative powers of the mind work more than positive one thus finding life as a burden. Often they suffer from feelings of under estimation, depression and inability to handle and manage life well.

Reducing the feelings of Jealousy:

- The first and key step is to accept yourself the way you are and love yourself. Relying and wishing for things to be achieved to make you happy and satisfied can never prove fruitful till you don't feel satisfied at heart. You are meant to be the way you are and you are best this way.

-Think yourself as a human like others , so no one is perfect, everyone excels in his/her own filed, so you are great in one field but not in another.

-If jealousy is coz of love , then forget it coz true love comes to you yourself, you don't have to plan horrible plans to win the person like "My best friend's wedding".

-If someone gets good grades, instead of getting jealous, compare your papers with the best paper and admit your faults, try to correct them instead of closing your eyes on your mistakes.

-Don't compare with the best others can do but the best you can do.

-When anyone gets a good thing, wish him sincerely , this will develop a sports man spirit and when you get jealous of someone it is clear on your face.

-Be thankful to all what God Has given you , look at other people who do not have these things as you've , you should try to achieve those things and goals in your life , the things that you lack but you should only pray and work hard , if that thing is good for you , God will give you , don't be dishearten and this is surely not the last thing in your life.

- God Has a balance and He knows best what to give us and what not to give us, striving positively for things is going to keep you and take you higher in life by utilization of positive energies in your mind while getting jealous is going to increase feelings of dissatisfaction and eventually turn you in a pessimistic person which is not only going to affect your personal relations but also professional relations.

-Things must be done wise fully while a jealous mind causes destruction.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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