Don't Be An Introvert

When life is full of different aspects then why we are only stucked with our own selves? 

Introverts are the persons who are just concerned with their own selves , their feelings and just their own world , they do not talk that much and live a life within themselves. They are often shy people and do not mix quickly among people. 

1.What does my introversion cause me?

Many effects like

-Having just a limited vision of life

-Not coming up against your own fears that make you a weak person

-Less social contact

-Negative thinking

-Too shy to take a step in life , love or friendship

-Less confident

-Less job opportunities

-A more aggressive person

-You take sadness more than it really is

- More likely to suffer from depression and feelings of loneliness.


2. Why one becomes introvert?

We all have good and bad life experiences , however mostly it depends on our childhood age that makes our personality but one can always change.It is upto us to pick the sweetest instants of our life and make life with that past , build the concepts of life with those good incidences in our life.

Introverts basically  or mostly carry all the hurting they've and to them life is not a fair play , life  is injustice and only things that is fair is "Their own world".

You become introvert when you stop sharing your problems and inner feelings with other persons. Introverts are extremely (more than necessary) self conscious and it is this behavior that inhibits them from mixing and opening up. If they make a mistake, they feel humiliated and insulted more than other children due to which they consider making mistakes a forbidden act, resulting in isolation which we label as 'shy behavior'.


3.Getting rid:

Try the following steps

-Take one day off when you're extremely sad and take a sleep , when you wake up and you're fresh , then think that you did not suffer all the time, you did get many good things in life as well and as far as bad events are concerned , so they just keep on moving , why let them make you worry?

- Go out for walk/play in the evening.

- Plan out for a dinner with family or various friends , go to the parties when invited and if you don't know how and what to talk then just go and shake hands with everyone.

-Take time to listen to people.

- Start speaking and sharing things with anyone with whom you feel comfortable.

- "Love your mistakes, they are improving you"- Wasif Haq

-Try to find a good friend and start sharing your life and it's important events.

- Keeping a pet such as a cat to play with can help you minimize inhibitory behavior.

- Always keep the humor side of life active and share jokes to enjoy life.

-On weekends, go to your friend's home , try going to different places , or to different friend's home every week , meet a new friend, a new personality.

-Help and assist people as much as you can.

- Start giving gifts to people.

-Instead of "I've suffered , oh me" talk to yourself that if I've so what? This is life everyone suffered some problems, I'm not the only one.

- Make strong participations in the events taking place in the society , if you don't know what to do just go and attend these functions at least for example Charity shows , Anti-Cancer campaign and Eid Parties etc.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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