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In this article, the discussions would be on various topics that can help you in improving your personality. So let's start.

1.Life, the meaning:

We waste everyday of our life by living the life just for ourselves and for our personal benefits. Life is not to live for yourself but for God and His creatures. Today we've developed a very selfish approach that only helps to bring us tension and worries. Many times thinking only about ourselves and our goals cuts us away from the social circle and prevents us from mixing and enjoying our natural human relations. Thinking only about oneself all the time may also increase the fears.

Try it:

Try taking some time everyday for family and friends, try to listen to people, try to help them, if you cannot help anyone, then your few kind words can do a lot, make someone happy in times of sorrow , if you can do it, you've fulfilled the meaning of one whole day of your life. Try it and you'll feel the difference in your life, remember that if you'll live your life only for yourself, you'll never get inner satisfaction.



Happiness lies inside of you , it is not a feeling that you get by some specific thing. To be happy, you just have to discover happiness inside yourself. Believe it, if you are sad and you still joke to yourself or to your friend, your depressions would very soon be turned to joys, always think of how many blessings God Has given you, and if something has gone wrong, then consider that it is temporary world, nothing lasts forever, you can do a lot only if you try to. Life has not yet been finished , the next moment may bring you a very good happy news. Try minimizing your dependence on external objects and people for making you feel happy.

Try it:

Try to put some positive change in the lives of your family and friends by talking to them nicely, telling them good things, try to care for them, happiness comes to those who bring happiness to others. Communicate with the person inside of yourself, know it's needs and how does it feel and make it feel best.


3.Being there for each other:

Instead of confiding your life to yourself, you and just you and always talking about yourself or expecting people to do the things the way you want to , it is time to come out of this shell which only makes you a disliked person among your friends and community. Be polite, soft hearted, nice, give people attention when they need. It is time to realize that the whole world is just not about you. Share their happiness and their joys.

Try it:

Charity begins at home, you don't have to look for someone too miserable to help, if you really want to change your life, then there are always a lot of people who need you and your help.


4.Why worry?

We owe our past and sad experiences as some very important essence of life and continue to live our today in the memory of the past which becomes the root cause of not only depressions but also for our coming life.

Try it:

Admit to yourself that it happened to you , nothing is a big deal about it.People suffer more than what I suffered but still they do not sit worrying about it, ask yourself that now once it has happened, can you do something about it or not?

If you can do something , then go ahead but if you can't then stop wasting the time.

Go ahead with your life, work hard to make it better for yourself and for the other people, life is to take as it comes, so why worry about something that has gone away or has no signals of coming?


5.Managing yourself:

We may live 50 years of our life but still may never know our own selves that is when we have not talked honestly to our own self.Be sincere and ask yourself how do you want your life to be instead of asking other people what to do now? Try to do "Self Analysis" and look at the family history of anger, love, depressions and various other qualities and try to figure out that does it lie in you and is it creating negative impressions?

Try it:

Keep check of your everyday life , observe your action, thoughts, feelings, likings and disliking, know the reason why you do a particular thing in a certain way? If it is good, well and good, but if not, then time to change yourself. And if you are not feeling well , try to figure the reason right then at that instant instead of letting it grow turning it from a root to a tree.


6.You've to survive:

When problems come in our way, we often lay down and surrender , never to rise again. Always say to yourself
It's alright...ok life has not yet finished, I can do many things, I must get up". Remember it is only the hope that makes a person come out of a crisis.

Try it:

Remember when in your past life, problems came in your life, you felt like the life has finished but the life did not finish rather you had so many happy experiences later on, so nothing lasts forever, this problem would go as well.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.




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