How To Achieve Your Set Goals?

Many times we try hard but still do not get any good result , the reason is that though we may be working hard but we may not be working in the right way and in the proper direction. Here's to how we can achieve our set goals in twelve easy steps.

1.Know your present:

Find out where do you stand with respect to others? Find out your weaknesses and possible solutions to overcome those weaknesses. Decide where do you want to go and why? Once you've completely analyze your weak points , proceed to the next step.

2.Setting the goal and reaching it:

Nothing is impossible , everyone in the world has 24 hours to work in a day, all you earn depends on how you manage your time and your work. Find out how can a person achieve a certain goal? Your answer would be obviously by staying focused towards the goal, working hard and utilizing the resources properly.

So this is what exactly you've got to do , you've to give your work the first priority and not let anything waste your working time , do not go to bed unless you feel that you've really worked hard for today and there's no space left now. Plan everyday what you've to do today and try to achieve it.

3.Not overload but continuous work:

You cannot expect to reach the level of a person who has worked hard everyday by working in the last days. Never overload yourself with your work but do the set amount of work everyday and you'll always stay on top. Overloading will only make you tired while working in time will give you everyday enough time to relax even.

4.Maximum efforts:

There can be many ways and many solutions to do a simple thing. To get success, you've to collect as many points and solutions as much as you can. You just cannot rely on one method to achieve success but you'll have to always keep on reasoning and answering yourself about your work to reach inner depth of your work.

5.Staying focused:

Obviously love, friends, picnic, hotel dinners, long drives and TV etc are things that everyone loves but don't let any of these things distract you from your work. Be as much social as you want to but never forget that you've to reach your goal and there's no compromise over your work.

6.Figuring out:

The most important decision in life is to decide what's important and discard everything else. Figure out what are the things that may be distracting you from doing you work and try to minimize your time towards those things.

7.Working with interest, not taking it as burden:

If you'll stay focused, you'll always find interest in your work , work always with interest and do not take it as a burden on yourself otherwise you'll never be able to achieve success.

8.Having a good positive attitude:

Keep yourself healthy, neat and clean , your work environment tidy and beautiful and properly managed, this will enhance your creativity power and you'll be able to concentrate more effectively on your work.

9.Minor details:

Unless and until you won't go into minor details of your work, you won't be able to get success. Observe your work several times , again and again, only then you'll be able to achieve success in your work.

10.Taking help from others:

Ask other people who are in the same filed as you are for assistance and good tips. Ask them about their experience and work, there's always so much more that you can learn from others as well.

11.Never saying enough:

Never ever think that you've worked so much hard that you can stop now. Life is like a swing, if you'll keep on pushing the ground (working hard) it will keep on moving, otherwise it'll stop and someone else will move ahead of you. It's all the game of competition where you've to believe that you've all the abilities to win the race and reach at the top position.

12.Not forcing yourself, take time:

Don't force yourself to work if you're tired of already doing plenty of the work, take breaks in between, it'll keep you fresh. If you're giving proper time to your work, then it's nothing bad that you spend your time on entertainment and pleasure but only if your work is not suffering.

Remember always:

"A right step in the right direction at the right time only leads to success".


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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