Confidence is the quality that gives a reflection of us and our abilities to others, if you are confident then life becomes very easy for you, you also develop leadership qualities and if you are not then there would be many difficulties for you but don't worry , let's apply following tips to build confidence.

1.How to act confidently?

If you are a shy person , then while walking on the road or when you plan to meet someone, speak the words "I'm a good person, I'm a complete person, there is no deficiency in me and I'm being liked by many of my friends". 

While talking to someone, always remember this sentence of "Runaway Bride" , "KEEP EYE CONTACT" , always look into the eyes , don't be afraid to look into the eyes and if you feel like you can't then always say "Keep eye contact". Take the eyes as stones placed in a statue. Don't be afraid , no one will eat you.

In a closed room, wear your favorite clothes and talk to yourself while looking at your image in mirror. Sing songs, do anything that makes you happy. Now whenever you feel the same confusion of being not able to talk to people confidently, remember what you practiced and make yourself believe that you enjoyed it so much there so you would enjoy even now.

Love yourself and while talking to people, give them love. They are going to feel it when you would communicate to them.

2.The art of talking:

While talking , always keep a smile on your face, don't move your hands to express things, look deeply into the eyes of the person with a feeling in your heart "I'm understanding you".

The art of talking is how much you keep the other person busy? Keep the other person involved in conversation with yourself either by asking questions that interest the other person or sharing your experiences. You can ask questions like: Q.What's your favorite music? Q.What's your favorite color? What's your favorite movie?Q.How many places you have seen ? etc 

You can also make an imaginary "T" line on the face . Imagine a line connects your two eyes linearly, now focus on the mid point of the T. When you talk like this to the person, people may never know that you are not looking them in the eyes.

Don't cut the words of the other person.


Best of luck for your next meeting.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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