I Feel Like Dumbo

If you are feeling that you are just blank, useless creature and have no use on Earth , then probably this is not just a simple feeling but a consequence of long term suffering, not only emotionally but also mentally. With this feeling, you will not be able to concentrate well in your life and work, relationships and would not be able to enjoy life. Here we will talk all about it.

1.There's a long term problem:

There's a long term problem that is still running somewhere in the unconscious of your mind, it is forcing you to believe that you lack something or you don't have the right to enjoy life like others and you are bound to fail and hated. Mind is a strong thing, with feelings like this, it can really make things go worst. Everytime you try to do a thing, there's a sound in your brain "You can't do it". This is all because a specific event or incident has grown so strong that it has completely finished your self reliance and inner confidence in your ownself.

2.Your attitude:

Your attitude might also be causing a big role in prolonging of this long term problem. You wish to change yourself but you don't know how to change yourself and may be you are afraid to bring a change in your life as you might say "I'm too old now for a change" or "How's it going to be if I change and suffer more?" , "If I've not changed before, then how can I change now?" These all are the questions that we put in front of ourselves and block all the chances that can improve us.

3.Believing in change:

Another important aspect is the lack of believe in the believing that a change can be made. Until and unless you don't believe that really a change can be made and your life can be turned more good, nothing will really change.

4.Try new ways:

Try doing things in a new and different ways. Be positive about adapting new methods than to rely on principles and beliefs that may be "Outdated" for you and following them is not leading you to a proper successful road.

5.What limits you?:

Also try to find out that what is limiting you? What are the limitations that you are having in your life? Realize how they are affecting you and your life, and that whether are they real or self made or they are just your fears? Try to live few days without those limitations and see that does it make you feel better?

6.Negative enforcement:

When you start to believe in situations "Nothing can't be done good by me" or "Oh I'm blocked" will never help you and you are actually unconsciously forcing yourself to stay in the problem. Instead of this, try saying "I understand it might be a difficult task but there's no harm in tying to find a way".

7.Treatment process:

Treatment itself is a long process and some days , especially the beginning days are very hard in the sense that many times, the unconscious mind forces you to abandon the idea of change and live the life as you always have been living and suffer as you always have been suffering but a change in your attitude will not only be good for you and your work/relationships but also for the people who are linked to you indirectly or directly. Some days are really hard but you have to deal with them and don't start dealing with all the problems all at once, deal with them one by one. Give enough time to one problem solving before you jump to another one.

8.A message:

It may happen that a problem is constantly repeating itself, if it is the case, probably there's a message in that problem which you ignoring. Until you don't try to find out what lesson is being taught by the pain/the trouble, this problem will keep on repeating itself. Do you know that when you avoid listening to your tensions or when you take them too seriously, they appear as disorders in physical health as well. Many times a physical disorder in health is a consequence of ill mental health.

9.Only you:

You need to be determined to put your efforts and time and that no one else but you can solve the problem well. Recognizing the problem as "Yours" will only help you. Running away or ignoring it may cause more problems.

10.Flexibility and positive ways:

You've to be flexible to accept the change and not prison yourself under the rules. Let the inner person living inside you live and listen to it.Before going to sleep, recall all the positive things and talks you had in the day, recalling them would not only give you a positive sleep but also a sense of confidence.

More help can be found by the advice of a psychiatrist.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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