Decorating Your Room

Few people might be interested always in decorating the bedroom and their home but they don't have sufficient tips and ideas to work it well. Although I'm not an interior decorator either but the following tips have always helped me to decorate my room and sometimes some parts of the home as well.

The Most Important Thing:

The most important thing is to take an idea of the space available, decide a color tone for your room and then choose things effectively to match with that specific color tone.

1.Doing it at a time when you feel fresh:

Start with a positive motivation, think and plan things randomly for three to four days before gathering energy and starting it at a time when you are completely relax, positive, happy and full of creativity.


2. Analyzing things first:

Sit on a chair and analyze the material you've to set and decorate in your room. See the given space of the room, now you have two options to work out with:

(i).Do you have less things and more space?

(ii). Do you have more things and less space?


3.Tips for decorating the bedroom:

First comes the placing of bed in a good corner of your room. Your bed should be placed somewhere in front of window or if window is at your backside, then find a place where you don't have to change your position of the bed in winters and summers. It should be not too close to the heater or the fire place neither it should be too much away from the fan. Mostly beds have the wall of the room in the backside. Now don't start with another thing, first make your bed properly so that it gives an ordered look and a feeling of completion of first step. Chairs and sofas placed in front of the patient would give a more comfortable position for the guests and friends who might be visiting you.

Now place a bed side table with your bed, you can place some cassette player or a radio on the bed side table, or some artificial flowers, a vase, a table clock or a beautiful picture.

Then comes the position of the carpet , now if you have wall to wall carpet, then there's no problem. But if you don't have wall to wall carpet, then carpet should not be in front of the doors rather it should be placed such that they should be near your bed. Don't place carpets too close with the windows if you are facing the problems of leakage of rain water in your bedroom through windows. If the carpet touches the wall side, place some cushions on the carpet along with the wall. 

Now comes the mantle piece , when decorating mantle piece, you can place a lot of things, like candle wax, few small books, sceneries, China fans, little vases, little crystal pieces or anything else that looks good and above of all that goes with the tone of the color used in your bedroom.

Then next comes the study table, study tables should not be heavily loaded with things because they are made for books that occupy most of the space, you can at the most decorate it with 2 or 3 things and that too at the ends and not in the middle of the table. You can place a study lamp as well on the study table that would give an elegant look to your study table.  You can also place few small sized books like those of quotations , or some small novels and also a cute pencil holder.

Wall clocks should be at a place where you can look at the time while on the bed or from anywhere in the room, a calendar could be placed on the backside of the door of your room.

If you have sceneries , hang them on different walls, if you have some scenery that is beautiful and contains "Blue" element , hang it somewhere near the light bulb so that when light glows, the blue color of the scenery gets enhanced.

4. Changing the styles:

Keep on changing the styles and color combinations of your room after 6-7 months, this helps to enhance creativity and also puts good impact on your mood.

5.Space and materials:

If your room is small and you want to make it look big, you can use high size mirrors covering one wall of your room. But if you have less things and more room space, then use bigger things to fill the space like wall pictures, sceneries, using bigger decoration pieces, placing bigger cushions, bigger lamps, bigger vases, or aligning the things in different directions so that they occupy more space yet still give a stylish look. If your room has still much space, try working with chairs and mini sofas at different corners of your room.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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