How Can You Check If Someone's Lying?



Here we would talk about why people lie and how you can check if someone's telling the truth or a lie?


Why do people lie?

There can be many reasons but to put few here:

1.To present themselves what they really are not.

2.To hide something they did and now are scared that they might be caught.

3.To gain something they feel they can't get otherwise or to avoid losing something.

4.To escape the punishment/embracement.


How to check the signs?


1. When the words don't go with the breath rate that is talking too fast or talking too slow than the normal routine.

2.Emotional, aggressive and more defensive.

3.Talking about here and there or explaining more than what is asked for.

4.The size of pupil being narrowed.

5.Sometimes sweating unconsciously.

6.Avoiding eye contact, looking at different objects such as wrist watch, shoes..

7.Playing with something like pen, hair or moving arms and legs or biting the nails.

8.Often placing a thing in front of themselves like a table or a chair.

9.Sudden changes in the voice tone and usage of words like "Believe me" , "Trust me" etc.

10.Words and body language do not go in co-ordination.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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