How to be centre of attraction?


If you want that every meeting and everywhere you go, people shall just look to you and you shall have a very charming personality. Then here is something really great to help you. You shall follow these following tips they will really help you.

1. An attractive style

To attract people, you must have a real attractive style, first thing is your walk, you shall walk elegantly. If your walk is proper then no problem, you have surely fulfilled the first step. However if your walking is not graceful then it is going to affect your personality too. Here is how to improve your walking.

Don’t walk too fast, when you walk too fast it looks that you are a confused and nervous person. To walk elegantly, place a heavy book on your head and try to walk in such a way that the book shall not fall down from your head. And as you place your footsteps, give a specific timing by saying 1-2 and then move your foot like in parade. Keep your backbone straight like ‘I’. Don’t walk with drooping shoulders.


Next step comes how to greet people? Meet everyone very warmly, praise everyone you meet for example ‘your dress is really looking very good’ or ‘wow you are looking dashing’. Shake the hand warmly.


Then comes how to sit? First meet everyone who is around you, don’t run to meet everyone you see at the beginning. Now move the chair without producing any noise, don’t make yourself fall down on the chair at once, sit firmly and calmly.


2. How to talk?

If you are participating in a discussion , always remember never to cut anyone’s words , speak at your own turn and if you feel that your turn is not coming , then raise your hand or speak ‘ I feel like’ and start your talk. Don’t talk too fast that gives an impression of a confused personality to others.


If you are not confident to talk , stand in front of mirror and speak something to your own self while looking into the mirror and when talking to others , always keep ‘eye contact’ with others. look deeply into the eyes of the person you are talking to, take eyes as stones placed in a statue, no one can read the inner you so why worry?

While talking, keep a smile on your face.


Don’t move your hands etc.

Never speak harsh words, use polite words, even if someone abuses you, just keep quiet and let it go. Never say any word like this which can hurt anyone’s feeling rather if someone has some goal to be achieved, you shall make him feel like he can do it.


Don’t sit always with the same person; meeting every person will bring you some experience that will help you understand life.

Don’t laugh loudly. Just give a smile showing your tooth. If you just cannot resist and you have to laugh then don't laugh like a bursting of balloon. Be normal.

Avoid stupid acts as moving your legs continuously that shows nervousness. Don’t bite your nails. Don’t use bad words.

Learn new words from dictionary every day and use them while talking, this is really really going to help you a lot.


3. Knowledge

You shall have knowledge about the type of party in which you are going, and if there is a some topic that will be discussed in the party, so better have information about that topic. You shall know a little bit about everything, believe me this will really help you.


4. Dressing

Your dressing shall be very appropriate; you shall see your complexion. If you are fair then wear dark colours, this will make you look more graceful and if you are dark then wear light colours. Always wear a perfume that is strong, this will make people turn to you.


If you think that you can improve your face look by wearing glasses then buy a zero number eye glasses. It will increase the grace of the face. While don’t wear sun glasses in parties.


Your shoes should be matching with your dress.

Dress the way you like to , but do consult others , in case your own choice of dressing does not suit the meeting.


5. Learning tricks

It is better if you learn some jokes, proverbs, poetry and some other useful things. This will increase your power to be attracted to others. When someone does something, if you know a proverb or idiom, speak it. It is going to work tremendously.


Similarly if you can produce humour by telling jokes that will not only make other person happy but it will also increase your confidence. Keep updating your box of jokes. But remember never to tell all jokes in a single party.


6. Never talk about

If someone in the party has some bad experience in his life and he is irritated by discussing that, so never talk about that. Keep quiet if others are talking about it.


Never talk bad about anyone; this will make others feel that you are purely a very sophisticated person.

 Never talk about single topic every time.

If you are talking to person of other religion, then never talk about the differences in the religion by yourself, however if he starts himself then go ahead.


Never talk about your secrets. Just say that you don’t have any.


7. As you plan to leave

When you plan to leave, don’t move at once. Wait till 10-15 minutes after the party is over, then meet the host , thank him/her for everything he did and e\for arranging this function. Meet everyone you have around yourself and speak really polite sentences like ‘ it’s been a pleasure meeting you , please visit us ‘. Make the other person feel that you really care about him, this will increase love for you in his heart.


Written By Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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