Be A Man You Like To Be


Today's world has just turned into rat race, so much to do and achieve yet we always face
ourselves in race against time. In this page, we would discuss the personality enhancing
features and qualities that you can adapt in reference to not only your personal but also
professional life

1. Free yourself:

The inhibitions and barriers are only in the mind. If we are born free then wherefrom do we
adapt the restrictions? To enjoy life to the maximum and give the best of you, the first
step is to "Free yourself" of all the fears, of all the "I cannot do it" and "It's never
going to happen". The inhibitory behavior that your mind enforce on you puts you more prone
to escape behavior, less chances of enjoying life happily and trying different things.

Today's man is "Bold and eager to try" and with this positive attitude in your mind, see
life and it's possibilities, free your bird of imagination and see how can you constantly
improve yourself.

2. Active and Positive:

Improve your self esteem by regularly talking to yourself, listening to the inner person
inside of you, appreciating and understanding it's demands and signals. Once you start to
like your own self, it would be reflected in you and people will find you confident. Meet
the new challenges of life with optimism and with a believe that you can do anything. Make a
proper time table and avoid procrastination. Work hard , be positive about life, about
yourself and about others as well.

Avoid sticking to one point or one thing in life. Life is to move on and that attitude would
gurranttee better progress and improvement. If you remain passive, lazy, do not change and
update yourself time to time, you probably would not be enjoying as many career and growth
opportunities as people around you. Hence try taking few management courses, reading new
books and online articles. Anticipate the winds of change and prepare yourself accordingly.

3.Determination-- The killer of "It's difficult":

Whenever you come up with situations that are too hard, always have the spirit and heart to
look beyond the difficulties. Take these as opportunities that you would take to learn, be
strong and wise and move ahead. "It's not that things are difficult so we do not dare but we
do not dare so they appear difficult". Have firm faith and be constant in your tries. Never
give up coz if you give up once, you would give up again in life and may loose many of the
growth opportunities. Keep trying and be determined. There's nothing really impossible,
believe in yourself that when you've to do a work, then you must do it with full spirit, 100
% efficiency. You are more stronger than any problem in the world, don't believe in quitting
because winners never quit and quitters never win.

4.The art of smile and patient listening:

When dealing with people either in office or in relations, two things are always admired by
the people whom we are dealing with. One is your gentle smile that makes them feel
comfortable and express themselves and other is your patient listening. Be a good listener
and you would excel not only in your professional life but also would be liked by many
people around. Do not try to implement your thoughts, ideas and concepts on others rather
only listen neutrally when the other person is talking.

Patient listening has many advantages; helps you to understand the other person's point of
view and deal with that accordingly, makes you think of other ways of solving a problem or
what is really bothering a client (client would never be satisfied till you don't really
understand and address the problem), think for yourself that may be you were thinking wrong
and the other person has got something better and hence improve yourself. Practice patient
listening it will help you.

5.Open and realistic:

When you are asked about some unpleasant events in life or at office, do not retaliate
back with anger or act emotional. Be gentle and briefly explain the points staying calm. Be
open to discuss the problems that you came across and the things you think you did not do
accordingly but always tell the experience that you have learnt and how it has now improved
you. You might face such questions when applying in the new vacancies.

6.Updated and alert:

Stay updated with the recent news, trends, fashion and all the affairs that are affecting
you and your world. Read the paper, the hourly news on TV. or radio so that you can
anticipate things, plan accordingly and participate in discussion if ever needed. Also have
detailed information about the latest research and inventions in your field.

7.The vision:

Have broader vision and encourage experimentation whenever feasible. Try to think 'out of
the box', out of the conventional frame that 2+2=4 always. It can be 22 as well...Think
about different possibilities, about having new and advanced and simpler way of doing tasks
and things. It would boost your company's growth.


Get highly social and friendly with people as well as learn to keep them at some distance as
well. Talk to people in a good positive way, talk to them about their experiences. Go and
meet different people from any and every aspects of life, do not restrict yourself that you
cannot or do not want to meet these or that type of people. Every person and their
interaction with you is going to teach you and help you in understanding people and your
clients. Take it as an experience of growing and learning.

Don't be hesitant to talk to them, take it easy , if you're worried of how to start talking
, try this "Consider you're talking just normally with your friend and you know better than
them" and if at all you start to get worried, say to yourself "Come on..Take it easy man, it
ain't a big deal, we are just talking". And above of all , what's wrong that can ever

9.Self sufficient and ready to accept challenges:

Dependency is going to lead you nowhere. Similarly if you keep on avoiding all the
difficult tasks and works, you might be saving yourself from lot of tensions and heck but
you also would be losing your chances of growing and adapting yourself to the tough times
that would eventually make a stronger you.

Although no one is self sufficient but try to do most of your works yourself. Face the tides
of the life as they come and try to be realistic in your approach. Don't live in a fantasy
world or expect others to come and change your life, solve your problems , you've to do it
on your otherwise your firm might be forced to believe that if someone else does your work,
what's your need over here?

Be a hard working man and utilize the time to your own favor maximum. Don't believe that a
particular person couldn't do it so wouldn't I be able to, rather tell yourself that there's
no harm in trying and taking the chance when I've prepared myself to the maximum extent.

Plan what do you want to do and what do you want to become, set goals, learn how to reach
them and work hard to get them successfully. Don't be afraid of failures because they are
the first step to "Success". Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin called
life, depends on how you toss. Everyday try to learn a new thing, never feel that you have
learnt or achieved enough because success is a journey not a destination. Don't compare with
the best others can do but the best that you can do. Competition is not between two people
but between yourself and the time, how well do you achieve your set goals. Never stop, keep
on making best out of every second.

10.Dressing the way you like to:

Find out the colors that best suit you , for example if you are fair, then try wearing
darker colors like brown, red, black, blue etc while if your complexion is dark, then go for
light colors . Dress the way you feel light, comfortable, confident and happy. If you are not
too sure of which colors suit you, go to markets and ask the shopkeeper to show you colors
that suit you.

Whatever you want to wear, wear it and be comfortable with it. This will bring the
confidence in you and once you wear even odd dress with comfortable feeling inside your mind
and heart, the confidence that reflects from your face and overall you makes other people
like your dressing.

11.Caring and humble:

Be good at manners for example if you're out with a woman, pull the seat first for her, let
her sit first. Don't laugh on the mistakes of other people rather tell them the right way or
the right things.

Behave with dignity and demand dignity in return as well. Care and respect for emotions of
other people. Try to comfort people around you, try to solve the problems of people, show
them the light through your words. Make them believe that they can. If people come to you to
ask certain things or to learn something, always welcome them and teach them without any

If you would be good and nice with people around you, it is going to be good for your
ownself in the sense that your repute at workplace is going to improve and people will help
you in your tough times.

12.Controlled, stable and balanced:

A best man is the one who has a good control over one's own self and his emotions. For whom
things of life don't rule him but he rules over the things of life. One who knows how to
control his anger and stay within limits.

You should have a stable personality, don't get too inclined towards anything too much. Have
a balance in your life, spend time doing exercise, reading newspapers/articles/books/novels
and meeting people etc. Don't let anything disturb you or distract your attention from your
set goals. Take time to go out and observe nature as well, plan hang outs with family and

Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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