Attack On Me

Attack one me is a phenomenon which is behind several fights and can happen to anyone . This is a condition in which the person feels that every person is his/her enemy and adapts an aggressive attitude. This page would bring out the factors responsible for the phenomenon and also what can be done about it.


1.Anyone could be the victim:

It can't be said that persons who have certain lifestyles or have faced certain things can fall a victim to this psychiatric disorder , a healthy person can also get affected by it. However the childhood experiences and disputed parental relation can often be found in the history of people with such behavior.


2. The reasons & the behavior:

89% people have this feeling along with the feeling of under estimation , they think that nothing can be done good by them , there's no one in the world who really cares for them. They think that world is not a safe place to live in and everyone is behind them to hurt them.They are not given their due rights and only way to attain these rights is to stand up against the system and create fuss and fights , no one loves them and if a bad friend comes in who induces more bad feelings of hatred and enmity , such persons start to hate everyone around themselves and starts to live an isolated life , reacts highly on little issues. Even if someone suggests him/her a good thing , the victim takes it as a criticism or as a taunt on themselves. Words of praises and appreciation by others have a negative effect in the sense that they think the other person doesn't mean it or has some purpose behind such words, however criticism by others is always believed by these people to be true.

3.Till how long can it last?

Until the victim does not decide to quit and change him/herself , this behavior would remain there and would keep on making the person more negative. What has been observed is "The reaction to ignorance" is what makes them like this. At any time of life , such people were being ignored or were treated badly which they could not overcome at that time or even further ahead in life which makes them feel that they should now destroy everything to get their thing done. Mostly such people are misguided and are made to see the other side of the story which is not true. If  not consulted , these persons tend towards crimes like stealing money or even to the extent of killing people.

A constant effort on these people by themselves and people around them can create a positive impact. Constant words and acts of care, assurance that they are good people and not everyone is thinking all the time to destroy or take things away from them can be very vital.


Be alert when you see any of all of the following symptoms:

 1. Finds unnecessary faults and negativities in people and things around.

2. The person starts to act lazily, reluctantly towards his/her task and duties and responsibility.

3.Starts to isolate him/herself or confides him/herself in certain places like bedroom, reduction in social activities.

4. Starts misbehaving with family members, using fights  and lies to get their point agreed upon.

5.Becomes very particular about a person and can't withstand any word against that particular person.

6. Threatens to break the relations.



First of all check his/her friends , meet them and if you happen to find if someone around s misguiding such people , a gradual action to make these persons aware can be of considerable help instead of sudden confrontation.

Consult the victim and take the person to psychiatrist if you feel like there's a need.

Reassure of your love for him/her.

Bring and make them discover self confidence in them.

Talk about their importance in your life and encourage going out with friends and meeting people, eliminate the thoughts that they are unwanted and everyone is waiting to harm them.

Get hold of his/her lies and tell him/her not to speak lies again, but don't over react otherwise the case may go the other way round.

Let not the person live in isolation , plan things together at the home when he/she is in a good mood, tell him/her of his/her commitments to which he/she is not paying due attention. Tell him/her how can all his/her attitude create troubles for him/her in future life.

Bring the person into important decisions and matters , let the person also express what he/she feels like and wants coz 89% this disorder results when he/she wants a thing and the family isn't willing to  understand his/her ideas and demands.

Talk positively about life and love and the need to maintain a good lifestyle, go to picnic spots, to morning walks, what lacks is the "Lack of communication" between the family and the victim. Both are trying that the other person shall agree to their thoughts but would not go into effort that can bring them on some common platform. Maintain communication but above of all , do check that is the victim having good or bad friends?

Mostly such people have experienced a hard accident or incident in their life that has made them understand that they were wrong , a psychiatric help may be worthwhile in severe cases.



Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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