Three Animal Quiz:

This is another amazing but true personality quiz, let's start with it, all you have to do is to write the names of your favorite three animals or birds and the qualities for which you like those animals, the animal you like the most needs to be placed at number #1, then the second animal and at last the third animal which you like less as compared to the animal 1 and animal 2.


Take an example

1.Cat=Cute, innocent, friendly, gives you a feeling that she only belongs to you.

2.Eagle-Sharp sighted, wise

3.Rabit-Friendly, loveable, cute.


Now your nature:

The qualities of animal 1 describes what you think yourself to be.

The qualities of animal 2 describes what you think other people describe you or think you like that.

And the qualities of animal 3 is  true description of your own nature.


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