2 , 3 Problems

Why life is filled with problems? Even when one problem has not finished yet that another comes? The answer we can think of is that problems make us strong and mature. This topic does not deal only with solving your problems but also with the basis and origin of your problems that why are you having them? Wherefrom they come?

There are possibly only 2 or 3 problems in your life:

In reality you only have 2 or 3 major problems in your life and the rest others are the branches of those 2 , 3 basic problems. These problems can be related to your perception about life, about people, about your own self or the way you react and behave. Long term problems tend to have very strong roots in your past hood , in your upbringing time,  largely dependant on how you spent your childhood , what concepts did you learn and how you applied them while dealing with your life , for example if a person has never learnt to manage time and be punctual , he's always going to have problems in the office , being late , submitting the assignment late etc , similarly if a child was not consulted by his/her parents for emotions at various stages in life , the child is going to have tough time to understand the relationships.

The above mentioned examples are just very basic example and the point is that the problems you suffer have their roots lying in your past.

Triggering it out?

You can hardly believe the fact that for all problem , the solution lies within us , the best one indeed but we don't know how to make it. Take a paper and write the problems , all sorts of problems that you're having even the minutest , some disturbing emotional feeling , write them all down , then take a sleep or next day , take a look again and try to relate the problems with one another , try to find a common reason. You may can get to some conclusion or if you don't , consult a friend with that paper and ask him/her to find the common reasons , and if not , then it would be best if you go to seek help from a psychiatrist.

Is it too late to change?

No it's never late to change yourself , when once you know you're wrong , you should be the right person instead of spending the rest of your life doing wrong.

Managing the problems:

Now when once you've figured out your few basic problems , write them on a paper again , and sit in a peaceful silent place , try to think of the events that might have led you to make some strong conclusion. Think again and again , if you don't proceed , hypnotism may help , now you can either change the events by giving your own self an explanation that this event happened because of this reason or you can ask psychiatrist to solve it for you , many cases got rid of their fears by altering the painful memory,  they were asked to make funny faces of disliked characters in their life as cartoon and gradually  they were totally out of what had been annoying them, what had been appearing as some unknown feeling of trouble constantly in their daily life.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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