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Welcome to "Roxette Midis Page". As we grew up listening to Roxette music, there was an era when midis were really popular. Multiple midis were made for every song. Then somewhere in the whirls of time, the trend started decreasing till it became obsolete. The pages hosting midis either became inactive or people composing midis turned to make professional instrumental versions of the songs. This page is a collection of midis from different sites all gathered here to give the diehard Roxette fan the lost pearls and diamonds. I would like to pay special thanks to Evert Meulie for sending me many midis. As you may know that with Roxette albums post 2002, there have been very few midis made. This brings us to Sara Habib from Pakistan who was kind enough to play all Roxette tracks and record them as instrumentals in Mp3 format. Hence few instrumentals of brand new Roxette songs played by Sara Habib are also included in this page, although technically they are not midis but they fit this whole theme.

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Released: February 18,1 9 8 0


Released:August 26,1 9 82

I Go To Pieces Sequenced by C-K
The Heartland Cafe'

Released:February 17, 1984

Break Another Heart Sequenced by C-K
Heartland Caf Sequenced by C-K

Released: June 7,1996

G & Fista! Sequenced by Viking
Juni, Juli, Augusti Sequenced by Viking


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