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Mr.Mohammad Ali Jinnah


Mr.Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan. For this reason he is called Baba-e-Qaum (Father of nation) and also "Quaid-e-Azam" (The great leader). By profession, Mr.Jinnah was a lawyer.

Reason for inspiration:

 Mr.Jinnah sacrificed his personal life for Pakistan movement. At all times , he was thinking about betterment of Pakistan and was over loaded with work. His quotations reflect the great vision he had for Pakistan. I would like to mention my favorite most event from Jinnah's life.

After creation of Pakistan, Mr.Jinnah was walking towards his home which had 2 gates. Mr.Jinnah had kept a guard on one of the gates and he was advised not to let anyone enter through that door. Once in night, Mr.Jinnah while walking decided to enter through the gate he had asked the guard to safeguard and not allow anyone to enter through. Since it was night time and the guard could not see Mr.Jinnah's face very well, he refused to open the gate. Mr.Jinnah became so happy that he gave gifts to the guard and entered from the other gate that was open for everyone.

He worked day in and day out for Pakistan's betterment. He was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. He requested doctors not to tell anyone about his disease as he feared that Pakistan movement could be put in cold corner if British came to know that Mr.Jinnah was not expected to live long. Mr.Jinnah died one year after creation of Pakistan.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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