The story of the Pyramids has always served to inspire people all around the world. Yes we did know that it is one of the seven wonders of the world but what is the mystery behind , it will be discussed here. Having the least interest in history and especially in Egypt , I never thought that I would one day be making the page about something from Egypt but all happened when my parents talking about their foreign visit uncovered some of the mysteries of Pyramids, I decided to make  some research on the Pyramids of Egypt.

The history and background:

Why are the Pyramids famous? Pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world because their mystery has not yet been solved, even after millions of years of their construction. Pyramids were a kind of resting places for the Egyptian kings who considered themselves as gods, whenever an Egyptian ruler died , he/she was placed in the Pyramid with his /her most beloved things and things for daily uses as well as with a slave , the slave was killed and kept with the ruler to help the ruler. The room where the mummies were kept were provided with two windows , where it was believed that from one window the soul would enter and from the other the soul would live.

The mystery remains unsolved when one comes to know that the stones or rocks that were used to build Pyramids were not obtained from surroundings rather the area where Pyramids are situated contains no rock or mountains , then in that age million years back how can man pick up so huge stones and carry them to height? Then wherefrom those stones came?

More about Pyramids:

These massive stone structures were built around 4500 years ago on a rocky desert plateau close to the Nile.

The first large Egyptian pyramid was the Step Pyramid at Saqqara

Picture of Djoser Step Pyramid, Saqqara, Egypt

The pyramids became obvious targets for tomb robbers

The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the largest of the pyramids of ancient Egypt, and was regarded by the ancient Greeks as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is regarded as the most massive building ever erected in the world - a remarkable statistic for a construction feat achieved 4500 years ago

The Great Pyramid of Khufu contains 2.3 million stone blocks The base has sides 230 meters long, with a difference between them of only a few centimeters. The pyramid was originally 146 meters high until it was robbed of its outer casing and capstone.

The pyramid shape may have represented the sun's rays which the dead king would use as a ramp to the celestial realm. Alternatively, it may have represented the primordial mound from which the Egyptians believed the god Re created the world.

Building and Construction:

It seems likely that the Pyramids of Giza were not built by slaves but by paid laborers motivated by a faith in the divinity and immortality of their kings

It is likely that a sloping embankment was built up to or around the pyramid. The huge blocks would then have been hauled on sledges with the aid of rollers, papyrus ropes and levers. Although most stone was quarried at Giza, some had to be transported to the site along the Nile.

Originally, the Giza Pyramids were encased in lighter limestone that must have gleamed in the harsh Egyptian sun

The figures are not fashioned like the statues we are used to in our museums. Rather, they can only been seen from one point of view. If you were to move five feet left or right, the image may no longer be recognizable

 It is a fify foot high carving of what resembles a Pharaoh. It has all the features of a typical Egyptian pharaoh

A typical Egyptian pharaoh , including the Menes (headdress with horizontal lines framing the face), Uraeus (snake protruding from forehead) and false beard connoting knowledge.

The Great Pyramid of Giza rises to a height of about 450 feet, as tall as forty -five story building, and slopes down at an angle of 52 degrees. Its perfectly square base covers an area of 53 square kilometers. It is estimated that around 2,500,000 sandstone blocks weighing 6 million tons - which comes to about twice the weight of Empire State Building in New York - have gone into the construction of this stupendous structure .Originally ,the Pyramid was faced with a white smooth stone that glistened in the brilliant desert sun, though now it has been long since stolen .Indeed ,the monument is a masterpiece of technical excellence and engineering ability. The internal walls and the casing stones still show such finer joints that to this day it is difficult to find gaps between them.

Picture of Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

About 40 important Pyramids are dotted at various sites along the river Nile and more too have been discovered in other areas.

Pyramids were made of sand stone & other hard stones which are good conductors of heat and due to angle of surface of sides of Pyramids ,the maximum heat absorbed by its sides conducted inside & by multi stage reflections remains inside the Pyramids. Thus the temperature inside of Pyramid is maintained to form a dry atmosphere necessary for keeping mummies in their original forms.

They are very big. The pyramid of Cheops measures about 140 meters, weighs about 6.500.000 tons. The base makes 230 x 230 meters.  They are made of 2.5 (sic!) ton blocks.The seams between blocks are very fine, about 1 mm.

When Napoleon, the French emperor, came to Egypt, he tried to calculate how many stone had been used to build the pyramids and he concluded that they were enough stones in the pyramid to build a wall around the French borders.

Some believe that the stones used for the building came from the South of Egypt by boat. They were then pulled on wooden trunk.

After entering the pyramid just above its base, we reach the cramped Ascending Passage that is only 1.6 meters high. It climbs for 36 meters up through the solid stone core of the pyramid

The Ascending Passage climbs up into the pyramid. The steps and handrails were added later.

Then comes the massive Grand Gallery that towers 8.7 meters high. It climbs another 46 meters up toward the center of this colossal pyramid.

Picture inside Great Pyramid of Khafre (Cheops)

Antechambers then lead to the King's Chamber and the now empty granite sarcophagus in the heart of the Great Pyramid. This stark room is walled by huge granite blocks.

Picture inside Great Pyramid of Khafre (Cheops)

Antechambers then lead to the King's Chamber and the now empty granite sarcophagus in the heart of the Great Pyramid. This stark room is walled by huge granite blocks.

Inside the pyramid, you have three chambers. The lowest chamber is below the ground level of the pyramid Then we have the Queen's chamber and the King's chamber. In the two last chambers, there are two small corridors leaving the chamber which lead outside. The corridors in the King's chamber lead directly to the outside part of the pyramid. In the Queen chamber's, it's not the same. A German engineer conceived a little robot able to make his way in those mysterious corridors. After lots of problems, the robot finally reached the end of the corridor which was blocked by a door Yes, it could mean there is still a chamber behind that door which hasn't been explored so far. Hancock and Bauval suggest it could contain some ancient documents about the vanished civilization 

With computer-aided technology, Hancock and Beauval discovered that the corridors leaving the chambers were exactly pointing two stars: Orion and Sirius, the two most important stars in the Egyptian sky the pyramid are huge piles of stones in which small and perfect corridors have been carved pointing to the stars

Pyramids of Giza, ancient Egypt

Myths and Beliefs:

1.View from Mars:

Researchers have discovered some eerie similarities: the only face on Marcahuasi which is laying on its back, looking up at the sky.

Taken from Planet Mars

2.Mummy's curse sank Titanic:

It's supposed to have caused so many problems, striking members of staff down with disease if not death, that it was sold to an American who decided to ship it home and use the largest liner in the world, which happened to be on its maiden voyage. And we all know what happened to the Titanic But this haunted mummy - or rather coffin lid - was supposed to have been saved I'd love to know which lifeboat it was on And it got to America where it continued to wreck havoc. So the American sold it to a Canadian, who took it back to Canada where it continued to wreak havoc. So the Canadian put it on a ship to send it back to England and he put it on the Empress of Ireland. And I'm sure you know the Empress of Ireland was involved in a three-ship collision in the mouth off the St. Lawrence with greater loss of life than the Titanic and that's where the mummy board should be.

Scientists used sound waves to scan the remains of the ship. Remains of the vessel on the ocean floor.

Thankfully for this valuable Egyptian artifact, it did not sink to the bottom of the river with the rest of the ship. In fact, Andrews says, it eventually did make its way back to the British Museum.

The damage to the vessel was surprisingly small-just a series of six thin openings across the Titanic's starboard hull. The whole area of damage amounted to about 12 square feet. Scientists say what doomed the ship was the location of the holes, directly over six critical watertight holds.

Why were Pyramids made?

There may be many reasons :

1.To prove the superiority of Egyptian rulers over the rest of the world. Kings of Egypt were treated as representatives of God on the earth. Huge structures of pyramids proved their superiority over people & other kings.

2.Kings of Egypt worshipped sun so Pyramids were may be constructed to give the position of the sun throughout the year.Sun was thier god and to get the knowledge of Sun's zodiac positions it was necessary to get the report of weather and Nile river 's nature.

The Sphinx

King Khafre (Chephren)

Statue of the king Khafre

Picture of Sphinx and Khafre Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

The Sphinx and the Pyramid of king Khafre in background.


Science and Pyramids:

Scientists are saying that Pyramids are the great source of hidden cosmic energy .They proved it by sharpening razor blades inside the pyramids ,they also found that vegetables and meat maintains their freshness inside it .they have proved that pyramids are good for keeping things in their original forms .Mummies were kept fresh for a long time and not disturbed due to weather actions .They also found that it is a very good place for meditation & spiritual feelings.

Pharaoh and Moses (Peace Be Upon Him) :

Usually the kings of Egypt were called "Pharaoh" which means "Great House" but later changed to be meant kings, but the most of the world community considers Pharaoh as the one mentioned in the Old testament and Holy Quran , to whom Moses (Peace be upon him) was sent to deliver the message of unity of God.

His (Pharaoh) magicians had told him that one day a boy would overtake your rule, so due to this Pharaoh ordered slaughtering of all the male children that were born, but in one home a lady had a birth , the baby was a boy (Moses) and she succeeded in hiding the boy from Pharaoh people.From God's message the lady put Moses (Peace be upon him) in a basket and left it to float over the surface of the water wherefrom it kept traveling and reached Pharaoh's palace, Pharaoh's wife (Hazrat Asia ,Peace be blessed on her) took his care by asking Pharaoh to allow keeping this boy in the palace.

The following passage is taken from Quran:

Allah said in Holy Quran that He will make Pharaoh an example for the coming generations and He will himself preserve Pharoaoh's body , it turned true when Moses (Peace be upon him) struck his stick over Nile river and it separated away making a way for Moses (Peace be upon him) and believers to pass through but when Pharaoh tried to go on the separation , the river rejoined and he was drowned ,now Allah had said that He will preserve Pharaoh's body , in 1907 his dead body was thrown out of the water, after thousands of years. His body was preserved and it was found out that there were tow layers of salt in River Nile that preserved his dead body even in Water for thousands of years, then a scientist worked on the dead body and found that this body was of Pharaoh, now his dead body is re-mummified in three countries Egypt, France and England and his dead cursed body keeps on rotation in these three countries, so Allah fulfilled His words , another miracle.

This is the dead body of Pharaoh which is decomposed ,the chemicals used could not prevent decomposition for long time. Thus God showed that He will really punish the bad doers not only in the world after to come but also in this one.


Special thanks:

This is all the story of Egypt and Pyramids , I would like to thank all of my friends, my parents and everyone , for the web sites whose information and pictures have been used.


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