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Mr.Mohammad Safdar Mir


Mr. Safdar Mir was my grandfather (from my mother side) and a person whom everyone would call his/her best friend because of the active role he played in our lives by showing his love, his concern. They say the most precious gift you can ever give to someone is your time since life is all made of time and he was one of the rare people who seem to have time for everyone, for people of every age.

Reason for inspiration:

Why I chose my grandpa to be my inspiration is because he was extremely encouraging and supportive. He was an extremely learned person who would have books of all sort. I must add here that two of his sons (my uncles) are Ph.D. I'm quite sure that for his sons, he would have been a source of motivation as he is for me and many people around who knew him. I would like to quote my favorite most event that I keep in my memory pocket.

When I was a kid (7-8 years old) I had a collection of story books that contained Cinderella, Ugly Duckling, Aladin, The tin soldier etc. In my summer holidays, I added extra parts to those stories on my own self e.g. Cinderella got married and had 4 kids, even the lamp of Aladin can still be found. For me it was a piece of some creativity. While talking to me, my grandpa saw and read those lines that I had written at the end of the story, I was quite sure that now he would lecture me on keeping the books clean, scold me for writing such irrelevant stuff. But to my surprise , he encouraged me and insisted me that I should write more and more because he thought that I had talent. He encouraged my hand writing, my English and above of all my thoughts.

Upon my return to my home, I started writing and extending first the stories that I used to read and then eventually started writing stories from my own imagination. I started writing poems, articles and even wrote my first book on Dentistry (since my dad is a dental surgeon) when I grew up 11 years old. 

I still write poems, articles, stories and books and sometimes when I look back at that story book collection where I wrote for the first time, it seems to me so non-sense and extremely ridiculous that how could I think that Cinderella got 4 kids and how could I imagine Aladin's lamp to be still found? I myself laugh at my foolishness but he did not discourage me rather he encouraged me. May be because he knew that I was a small bud then and if he discouraged me then, I would have never grown to a plant. May be he knew that the only way to improve my skill was to make me practice it not to mock at me.

Today even Cool Bluez has largest number of items on any personal website, I write for Cool Bluez and who gave me confidence to write was no other than him. I terribly miss him especially when I started my research work in 2007 and I realized how happy he would have been if he was there to read what I wrote, to discuss with me, to listen to me, to guide me.

A memorable picture of my grandpa and my grandmother. May God bless them in heaven.Amin.

I miss you grandpa........

Here is a letter that my grandpa wrote to me when I was 6 years old. 

Letter 1, Letter 2


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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