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Marie Fredriksson


Mareie Fredriksson is the female singer of Roxette band. Roxette has produced many international hits namely "The look", "Listen to your heart", "Dangerous", " It must have been love" (Soundtrack of Pretty Woman movie)"Joyride", "Fading like a flower", "Almost unreal","Run to you", and "Wish I could fly". She is a great singer and I have been listening to her since I was 7 years old.

Reason for inspiration:

Very few people know right from the start where they have to head in life, what is their direction and extremely few keep struggling towards it and actually achieve it. Being raised in an extremely poor family, both the parents had to work leaving her alone at home. It was this time that she used to stand in front of mirror and pretend herself to be a singer and sing songs. Later she was sent to study Economics but somewhere deep inside her heart, she knew it wasn't for her so she left it and went to study Music. Together with Per Gessle, she has sang top selling singles and albums.

However in 2002, she was found fainted in her bathroom. The tests revealed that she was suffering from brain tumor. The news spread like a shock and grief all around the world. Roxette was scheduled to perform at Night of the Proms in 2002 but due to Marie's news, everything was cancelled and an immediate surgery was planned. This surgery left the singer in extreme distress. Not only her facial appearance suffered, the surgery left Marie with permanent brain damage, resulting in her inability to read and count, loss of vision in one eye and disturbance in movement in right side of her body.

An image of Marie Fredriksson after her public appearance after cancer surgery.

In 2003, Roxette were given the "Royal Medal with Blue Ribbon' by King of Sweden Carl Gustaf XVI. The ceremony was the first event at which Fredriksson appeared after her operation. This was one of very few public appearances made during her illness. 

The chemotherapy made the singer look very thin initially, later due to steroid therapy, the singer suffered from edema (abnormal water retention in body) which caused her look very fat. She decided to stay at home but her life was extremely devastated. Instead of letting it go just like that, she indulged herself in drawing and painting by crayons which helped her recover well out of the misery and tragedy. It was widely believed then that the singer would never return mainstream again due to the injury caused by cancer and it's removal. Marie along with her husband made an album "The change" in 2004 which contained extremely personal songs dealing on various aspects of life, relations and being thankful to God for being alive. The album though couldn't do commercially good business but helped the singer recover.


Marie Fredriksson after the release of her album.

In 2009, singer returned to perform live in few countries followed by a brand new Roxette album in 2011 named "Charm School" and a huge world tour the same year ending up at the middle of 2012. I chose her to be my reason of inspiration because of all what she went through was sufficient for anyone to abandon hope. At one time, you are extremely popular and at some stage of life, almost everything seems meaningless when you are fighting for your life. There were extremely few survival chances for her, only 5% of people all around the world survive the type of cancer she had. Yes effective treatment can be one reason but the will power and her determination to survive is another. To combat the depression and anxiety, she visited regularly psychologist.

During her live performances in 2011, the singer often forgot lyrics to songs but even this does not stop this lady to keep struggling everyday. The cancer is over and she has recovered, though in her live performances, she is not seen as active as she used to be back then which is because of the problems in balancing herself after cancer surgery.

If she with all her problems can make a huge comeback, why on Earth do we give up so easily?

I recommend you to watch an interview with Marie Fredriksson after her cancer therapy.


Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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