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(23rd December)

Operative dentistry department in our college was known for giving extremely tough time to students. Teachers were mostly uncooperative and the heavy work load of patients with not much support from department only added stress to the students and house officers. Well I had named the operative dentistry department as 'uncooperative' department and chose to do house job in operative at the end thinking that why spoil the whole year by going early to the department. Due to the inner politics in the department and nuisance caused by department to students, someone had written 'manhoos department (cursed department) at the entrance of the department.

Finally when I got posted in the department, I literally said to myself "Ok just imagine you are in jail for 3 months". But life can often give you the best out of what you might be thinking as a tough time.

I found my best teacher Dr. Nida in Operative who inspired me to work with passion and it is no surprise that due to my time spent in Operative, I consider my time spent in Operative department as one of the best times in my life.

Reason for inspiration:

Majority of the teachers in Operative did not bother to care if students or house officers were doing procedures correctly. This was possibly because of the high load of patients coming to the department and very few hired staff by the college in comparison to the work load of department. Not many realized that students who need guidance and supervision at many steps are the ones who are being neglected. Even if students approached teachers, the teachers wouldn't bother to help much rather often started discouraging and insulting the students which prevented students from again approaching the teacher again. Similarly my supervisor never seemed to have enough time to guide me in learning new procedures.

In all such hopeless environment, there was one 'savior', one hope and she was none other than my teacher named "Dr. Syeda Nida Zehra". She always stayed positive, energetic and happy and whenever students went to her to seek guidance, she welcomed them, listened to them patiently and guided at each and every step. Even if she was doing her patients and any student needed her help, she would take a break from her patient and walk to the student's work unit to facilitate the student. Another amazing quality that I noticed in madam was that she never got fed up or said any discouraging remark to student even if they asked the same question over and over again. Dr. Nida would give so much encouragement, motivation and confidence to students that it seemed to spark more interest in them to learn and learn it better. 

Madam was extremely friendly and open to her students but never compromised on discipline. She was one of the teachers who was extremely loyal to her job. No matter how much work load be, she never refused to help students. While other teachers avoided taking new patients, she enjoyed doing patients and due to this reason; she had maximum number of patients than any other teacher. Another reason was her good behaviour due to which patients as well as students preferred her.

We friends learnt so well from madam and had made a small group named as 'cat group' with madam being the 'mama cat' as she loved cats and considered all of us friends as her kittens. If anyone misbehaved with madam, we would make sure to teach them a lesson because we could never let anyone treat our 'mama cat' in a way that she did not deserve.

I decided that if I ever became a teacher, I would try to keep my behaviour with students as Dr. Nida kept with us. May be this was the reason I got bonus just after the first month of my teaching job.

This is a cup my teacher sent to me after I completed my house job and started teaching. For me, it's like a 'life time achievement award' because the most best teacher gave it to me.

Madam; if you ever happen to read this, I just want you to know that we really miss the time spent under your guidance and we try to live and guide the way you guided us. Thank you.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan


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