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Mohammad Hafeez


Mohammad Hafeez known as “Professor” is an all rounder Pakistani cricket player. The title of “Professor” is given to him because of his ability to analyze game, formulate effective strategy and advise every player on how to give maximum output. As a player; he faced intense and immense difficulties in his early career as he was being dropped out of the team plenty of times. This was because he could not produce significant results. Over the years he worked extremely hard on his batting, bowling and fielding due to which he is considered ‘all rounder’ and has been the ‘highest scorer’ from Pakistani cricket team in 2012, ‘the 2nd best bowler’ in T20 cricket format and not only this; he is the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team (T20 format). According to the latest rankings by International Cricket Council, Hafeez is ranked as number 1 ‘All rounder”  in O.D.I. format and as number 2 “All rounder” in T-20 format.

Reason for inspiration:

I chose Mohammad Hafeez as an inspirational person for several reasons. As a cricketer; his struggle for his passion is outstanding. Before joining the team, Hafeez had not enough money. He used to travel from Sargodha to Lahore to play cricket by sitting on the roof of the bus as he did not have the bus fare. After reaching Lahore, the conductor used to ask for the fare of two passenger seats from him as his cricket kit being huge in size occupied two seats. Since the player could hardly pay for one seat; he had to walk, covering a long distance to the cricket club by foot. It truly reflects on how far a person is willing to go after his dream, his aim, his goal in life that he did not care how tough the journey seemed, he kept going and today he is remarkably one of the top most players our national team has.

Things were never easy for the player but he remained consistent, persistent and determined to make his dream come true. Over the years, he was dropped from national squad; however he continuously worked hard and came back with a huge improvement in his bowling as well as batting. In 2013; Hafeez made 50 runs only from 23 balls with an excellent performance in fielding as well.

Another impressive quality that the player has is his leadership qualities. In 2009 Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Pakistan, a covert operation thought to be planned by a neighboring country to defame Pakistan and prevent Pakistan from hosting international cricket matches especially the world cup. After losing many of the best bowlers, at one moment it seemed as if Pakistani cricket would simply fail to survive. In such tough crisis, Mohammad Hafeez was made T20 captain. Under his captaincy, the team performed extremely well and appeared united as one team. Hafeez is a patriotic person who puts the dignity and honor of Pakistan as one of the top most priorities. He believes that he has to be an example so the young cricketers have role models to follow. One of the best examples of his patriotism is his speech after winning the first T20 match against India on 25th December’2012 where Hafeez paid tribute to father of nation Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah as the day marked Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday. Hafeez said “"It is a gift for the whole nation, it is Quaid day back home”. Likewise after returning to Pakistan by winning O.D.I. against India, Hafeez said “Only A Team Is Not Winner, The Whole Nation Is Winner”. After achieving any victory such as century or winning a match, the ‘professor’ shows gratitude to God by prostrating on the cricket ground and by thanking God for every success.

After achieving a huge name and fame in cricket; the player still remains humble and a decent person who always shows down to earth attitude. Once he was fined by traffic police while attending a phone call during driving the car. Instead of any arguments; the player paid the required fine and handed over his identity card as demanded by police. This type of attitude is quite rarely seen and especially by celebrities and high profile people.

 Later, Hafeez started working in collaboration with police and Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (C.P.L.C.) to ensure better security system for the country.


As a person Hafeez never criticizes anyone in the team. There was some slight dispute between Hafeez and Abdur Razzaq where the latter passed remarks about Hafeez. Instead of answering back and causing disgrace to the team, Hafeez preferred to stay quiet till Pakistan Cricket Board resolved the matter. Afterwards, during T20 series arranged by Faysal Bank, Pakistan, Hafeez went and congratulated Abdur Razzaq on his excellent performance, showing a positive and friendly gesture.  

Another remarkable quality that I find in the player is his habit of drinking water while sitting. We consider it so tough to find a place to sit and drink water but in all the matches I saw, Hafeez drinks water as we are advised to.

I derive inspiration from him because of his persistent hard work, constant improvement, extreme dedication to his passion and above of all a humble and decent attitude that the player has.

Wasim Akram stated that the future of Pakistan (cricket team) is safe in the hands of Mohammad Hafeez. 

I wish the player the best of luck.


 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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