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Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison was an American scientist who is most famous for his electric bulb invention. He also invented gramophone and motion picture camera. Not only his inventions have proved fruitful and extremely useful to date, the thoughts of this person also seem to stem from a mind having higher and sophisticated approach towards life.

Reason for inspiration:

It is stated that when Thomas Edison went to public to display the electric bulb, he failed to lit it. He tried again but no use, again and again but all to no avail till it took him 99 times and he was unable to lit up the electric bulb.

At this moment, someone from the public said “Aren’t you ashamed that you have failed 99 times?” Edison replied “I have not failed, rather I’ve learnt 99 ways in which an electric bulb would not lit up” and finally at the next tries, he got succeeded in putting the bulb on.


What an approach! We all need to believe that being unable to achieve something at one particular moment of life does not mean that we would never be able to do anything ever in our life. Success comes to those who constantly try……


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Karachi, Pakistan.


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