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If you ask me about a nation which has sacrificed so much and is always ready to sacrifice just to make the world a better and a secure place, I would certainly name Pakistan. The reason is not that it's my home, but the reason is that Pakistanis are the ones who have gone to every possible and even impossible extent, to protect their country. A nation which has lost more than 40,000 people in the war on terror. Considering the fact that there is usually one bread earner for the whole family and if the bread earner loses his life or becomes disabled, it's the whole family who gets affected. If you hear the stories of this part of the world, you would come to realize the amount of love, sacrifice, pain and miseries this nation experiences almost every day.

This article is about my friend Bilal whose father sacrificed his life for Pakistan and died in a suicidal bomb blast at melody chowk, Islamabad on 6th July, 2008. But despite this tragic incident, my friend opted to join the police department and continue to serve Pakistan just like his father was doing.

Reason for inspiration:

Bilal's father named 'Aftab Hussain' was serving as a constable in Islamabad police. He was working as wireless operator  in Prime Minister house. For the first time in the history of Islamabad police, the reserve force that was formed consisted of wireless operators. The police was performing their duty at Melody chowk. Just moments before when the duty was about to end,  a suicide bomber with explosives hidden under his clothing came and blew himself up at Melody chowk. In this incident, 15 police men were martyred along with 5 other civilians who gave up their life just because they were Pakistanis. It was also reported that 40 people were seriously injured. See the BBC report and the video footage here

Constable Aftab Hussain who sacrificed his life for Pakistan.

Resting peacefully, Bilal's father 'Aftab Hussain''s grave under the shadow of the flag of Pakistan, the country to which he devoted his life.


In the memory of policemen who were martyred, Melody chowk, Islamabad. (Click here to enlarge).

In the memory of policemen who were martyred, Melody chowk, Islamabad. (Click here to enlarge).

While we hear about these blasts, probably we never give it a thought how the lives of whole families get affected. Bilal tells that upon receiving the body of his father, there was no flesh on the left arm from wrist to elbow. Likewise there was missing flesh on the junction between abdomen and left leg.  Bilal was only 18 years at that time, a young boy whose life was all changed to 180 degrees after this incident. Next day, he had his Physics practical and oral examination of the board. Missing that meant re-sitting the exam after some months. With life putting all responsibility on this young boy now, he could not afford to let go of any chance and lag behind. Therefore despite this great personal tragedy, he appeared in the exam next morning. 

Bilal who opted to serve his country like his father did.

I remember when I heard the story of his father from him, I cried for almost two days. I personally could never imagine seeing anyone suffering like that and how tough life could be, that one gets to see his own father in a condition like that. It is always beyond my imagination. How he and his family managed and survived this terrible moment is certainly beyond my understanding. What is even more un-understandable is that Bilal opted to join the same department. I asked him the reason why as personally I would never join the same if (God forbid) any of my family member or friend had lost his life. He replied that his father gave his life to his country and became a martyr which is the highest, prestigious and most honourable type of death he could ever have. Bilal told how proud he feels to be a son of a man who put Pakistan above anything else and not only his life but also his death was for his motherland.


Bilal (right) during duty at Peer Sohawa, Islamabad.

In all the time that I have known Bilal, he is an extremely friendly and cooperative person. At times, I wonder how he never complains about anything which life brought to him, how he remains thankful for every moment and holds the same enthusiasm as his dad to serve Pakistan. It makes me think how great his mother would have been who gave such high morals to her children. I would like to quote Euripides who said 'A coward turns away but a brave manís choice is danger'. For such people, the loss of even near and dear ones does not stop them from serving Pakistan

As a person, as a friend and even as a police officer, Bilal is an extremely good person and he says that one of the biggest inspiration in his life has always been his dad. There is an online interview available where he answers several questions about his life and about his joining of Islamabad police. Click
here to read the interview.

Happy to safeguard the land to which we all belong.

When people say that the youth of the nation does not have those emotions and thoughts as the older generation, I want to quote to them the examples of such people. These young souls are our future and carry the spirit to serve the country despite whatever hardships life may bring to them. I wish him the best of luck for everything and pray that may our country and it's innocent citizens may never get to face such miseries and pains. Amin.

Like father, like son. 

 My salute to all the people who sacrificed their lives for a better and safer Pakistan.


Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Adelaide, Australia.

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