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"Ashfaq Ahmed"


Ashfaq Ahmed was a playwright, writer, broadcaster and a philosopher from Pakistan.

Mr.Ashfaq won popularity amongst masses by his popular radio program named as "Talqeen Shah" (Urdu word meaning "Preacher"). This program was the longest running radio program in the history of Indo-Pak subcontinent running for 3 decades. Mr.Ashfaq was also appointed in the development of education and Urdu Science board for 29 years. He wrote several drama plays for Pakistan Television (the national T.V. channel of Pakistan) which won immense popularity amongst masses due to the powerful script and the philosophies presented therein.

His famous series of love stories "Aik mohabbat soo afsanay" were remade in 1998 and broadcasted on Pakistan Television. The remake went extremely successful proving the fact that Mr.Ashfaq's work was legendary to people of all times.

Reason for inspiration:

Before Mr.Ashfaq's death, he used to host a program on Pakistan Television named as "Zaavia" in which he talked and discussed about philosophies of love, life, inter human relations and relations with God. The program was a piece of gem. I would like to quotemy favorite pieces from that program.


The worth of the table:

Mr.Ashfaq told that he used to have a table in his home on which all of his children, wife and he himself used to work. The children while sitting on the table often used to draw or write several things on table by pencil. Over a period of time, the table got spoiled and really looked very bad and ugly. His wife suggested Ashfaq to buy a new table but Ashfaq was quite reluctant in getting a new table coz he feared that this old table may have to be replaced. After a series of discussion, Mr.Ashfaq agreed to his wife who said that we should get it renovated so that all the spoiled part of this table could be hidden away.

At this time all of the children they both had left the country and went abroad for foreign studies. Mr.Ashfaq could not convince himself though he had agreed earlier to his wife for the furnishing of the table because he said that the real worth of the table was those spoiled marks that existed on and in the table. For him they depicted various stages of the life his children went through and getting that furnished would mean losing something very precious. Though to the world, it may have seem to be an ugly old table but Mr.Ashfaq believed that the spoiled table was infact it's real beauty.


Like so many other people who followed Mr.Ashfaq, I truly miss him because he was a national asset not only to Pakistan but to all the humanity who understood his work, who was inspired by his creativity and philosophies.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Karachi, Pakistan.


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