Another Way To Solve Problems

Life is not always fair rather sometimes we are subjected to some unpleasant events in our life which we think are unjustifiably written in our fate by Allah but since few days, I was really in a circle of problems and that motivated me to write this article.

1.Problems are essential part of life:

I've come to know that problems are essential part of life like sometimes pain and failing and then learning better to stand again is an essential part of training and without it, you cannot learn to be a successful person. Some problems come to warn us not to the same act in the future as well, some problems help us leave our certain wrong habits and mistakes and all of the above, some problems bring us more closer to God and help us leave worldly desires.

Another important thing is that Allah Has balanced everything, if someone has been given apparently a good thing, on the other side, a similar tough problem is also given to him according to the level of his status and qualities.History is full of people who had so much money but had disorders to which no cure was possible or their children were born disable or with some other disease.So often problems are balancing our life as well.

Often problems are balancing our life as well and help to prevent the disturbance in this balance.

2.Some problems are not really problems:

Some problems are not really PROBLEMS rather just some little form of illusion.For instance some people keep on worrying about their past or some keep on worrying about things or worries of other people for which they cannot do anything directly, all such forms of problem need just an alternation in the attitude and behavior of the person and they are solved.

3.Some people invite or create problems:

There are some confused people too in this world to whom God gives the best in a plate but instead of happily accepting the given thing in a plate, they keep on looking and trying for things which they cannot get or are in other person's plate but are not as good as the one being offered to them.Just a wrong choice can invite so many other problems and a wrong choice is what they make.

4.Narrowing and widening:

For some people, problems come only because of their vision towards life, either they have a wide vision of "What to select?" with the result that they remain confused between what to choose and what not to choose and the time of the problem keeps on prolonging, for such people it is advised to narrow their vision, apply "Rule of elimination" and then from the left options, apply "Rule of best relevance". 

While some other people are all the time confused because they are just clinged to a narrow vision of life or are living under their own self made rigid inflexible restrictions, for such people this belief always govern their life "People can do bad to me, I've to help everyone if I didn't help, then I'll end up in hell". They often make themselves finished to bring happiness to other people, and this brings more problem for them, they should realize that world is a big place, lots of opportunities and above of all that you also have a life, have a value and a worth.

5.What if?:

Some people are always worrying about "What if" this happens and are always clinging to one bad experience out of thousand experiences and are always believing themselves to be "helpless" and are too afraid to try anything new, again sticking to a narrow vision of life.

6.Problems lead us to God:

The solution to every problem lies only with God, every problem makes us learn something new.Some problems make us come closer to God, when you accept that the solution of your worrying lies only with Allah, you think of yourself as more tiny than a speck in the universe and bow down in front of Allah to ask His help and forgiveness, I believe His help really comes and saves you. 

Here is what we as Muslims can pray to ask Allah to help us and save us:

1.100 times Ayah-ul-Qursi a day

2.100 times Darood Shareef

3.1000 times Ya-Haseeb (The name of Allah)

4.100 times Subhan-Allah, Allahamdo-lillah and Allah-ho-Akbar.

5.Five times Surah-Al-Mulk (Chapter of Sovereignty)

6.Last two Ayahs of Surah-Al-Bakra (Chapter of Cow)

Then offer 2 Nafal Nimaz -e- Hajit (prayers for asking Allah for fulfillment of some wish, desire or to escape from some trouble)and ask sincerely Allah for His help and be sincere in your purpose, InshAllah you will be helped by Allah.Remember ask Allah to make the best for you coz sometimes it may happen that you are asking for a thing that can be bad for you, in such cases it is good that Allah does not give you that particular thing but some other more good thing.

Good Luck.


Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.




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