The Day Wind Revealed It's Secret


The Day Wind Revealed It's Secret is my latest story and the 5th writing so far. I completed this story in early 2009. As an experiment, I have put its demo version on the internet and divided it in the chapters. You can download the story in the speech form (audio format, WMA).


On a very brief note, this story is about a guy who fears change, is afraid of losing things in life that he considers he cannot live without, lacks self confidence, poor decision power and lives his life according to a certain set of principles. This story reveals how he suffers in life and how his suffering leads him to face the worst moment ever in his life, something that he has been afraid of but when that worst moment really comes, he is all set free and independent. He learns to break away and come out of the box, becomes strong, changes himself and experience life and love. The shades of love in this story are very rare to find.


Chapter List


1.Confusions & deceptions

2.The disappearance of familiarity

3.The unwelcomed

4.A walk in the night breeze

5.Where butterflies live

6.The existence of the wind



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Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, 2009


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