Own it

(your life, your matters, your decisions)

"Own it" is the latest book written by me in 2011. It deals with the issues in our thinking, perceptions and our wrong attitude towards life and people whom we come across. This book encompasses topics that can help you become a responsible, mature and wise person, giving you the freedom from the entanglement and resentment that we often feel in life.

I hope you like this book. It is available in audio format to download.


Chapter 1 How well do you handle your time?

Chapter 2 Responsibilities versus resistances

Chapter 3 The inner calculator

Chapter 4 Have anything you want

Chapter 5 The dangers of anger

Chapter 6 Getting people go your way

Chapter 7 Self pity versus self esteem

Chapter 8 Relations & Personality

Chapter 9 Discard & Disown it

The program "Text to wave" converter has been used for converting the text to speech.

Special thanks to my friend for providing me lovely image of Arabian Sea, Karachi, Pakistan.


Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, 2011


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