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For many Cool Bluez is just a website that has grown and evolved into a huge website but this page would reveal interesting facts that may have never been known to you.

1.At his childhood when Wasif was in school, he used to hate computers and only knew  a single command, his teacher asked him in a test to type any command that he knew but Wasif could type one command; CLS (Clear the screen) obtaining 2 marks out of 5 in practical exams of Seventh class.

2. Wasif used to be so much against the computers that he said that he would never ever use computers in his life.

3.The first page "Hello World" that appeared on Cool Bluez was made 76 times before it finally appeared on the site in 2001. The page was removed the same year as he felt that it had very much diversified content.

4.Wasif didn't know web designing at all, he used to make pages in Microsoft Word and upload them, he asked many people to teach or help him but nothing happened till he saved a Roxette greeting card from internet and edited it. Wasif reveals that the first main page of Cool Bluez was originally a greeting card.

5.He even didn't know how to upload the pages, by trial and error method, he uploaded It Must Have Been Roxette (a website at old Cool Bluez about his favorite music band) accidentally on 22nd June 2001 (Friday) and then uploaded Cool Bluez on the same day, he brought chocolates for his family and friends as a treat. The same date is the date Cool Bluez celebrates it's birthday.

6.The first name of Cool Bluez was Cool blue page. What is even more interesting that he himself did not know that whether the site name was to be written as "Coolbluez" or "Cool Bluez". In 2004, "Cool Bluez" was chosen as the proper name.

7.In the start, Wasif used to have so much heavy and annoying animations that the system used to become dead slow.

8.In 2001, the first year of the website, only 80 people visited the site, in 2002; 802 people visited the site, in 2003; 3198 people visited the site, while records for the year 2004 are not declared till now but till 29th November 2004, 5814 people had visited the site.

9.While working one day with Java scripting, Wasif accidentally made a virus due to which he had to install 13 times Windows'98, till he mailed Yahoo the problem and Yahoo told that the pages have virus in them due to wrong scripting, the virus infected 8 people's computers as 8 people had visited the site that day, Wasif later apologized to them and from then onwards, every page that was to be uploaded on Cool Bluez was first scanned by Yahoo network.

10.One server of Cool Bluez was hacked resulting in deletion of 350 pages out of 400 pages in June 2003, through Yahoo cached service, Wasif recovered the text of 250 pages in one day.

11.On 16th July 2004 (Friday), the main server "" was shut down by some U.S. company , this server was used by Wasif for all the heavy files, the total data loss was was 684 MB, it took 3 months for him to recover all data back.

12. Due to his studies, Wasif stepped away from Cool Bluez from 2005-2009, in the mid May 2005, Cool Bluez went offline due to closure of the server on which Cool Bluez was uploaded.

13. Cool Bluez was opened again in March 2009 but failed to get any popularity, the site was again modified and reopened in 2010.


Ain't it strange?


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