For my favorite Catty

Some friends come in life which never can come again and it's something I feel about my favorite cat named "Cute Catty". The page contains all my feelings and memories related to my favorite cat who I don't know has gone somewhere (probably died). 

I always loved to make friends and it could be anyone , anything that responds. One day when I was coming from tuition I found a little cute kitten outside my gate, I really wished for the cat. Just as I wished , I found a banana skin on the road, I thought that I shall remove this skin lest someone by mistake falls or slips from it, as I removed it from the road , and went inside my home, I found that same cute kitten under my car saying "Miaaon". I was so happy and excited that one can hardly imagine. I put some milk in a cup to her and within a little time we both became friends. Everyday we used to love and play with each other a lot and I guess that cat was one of the most wonderful cats in the world , extremely well mannered. She would never ever try to enter inside the door of my home , never every annoy . And off course whenever I felt low , I used to make her sit on my lap and tell her all of my feelings , and in this way she was also my secret keeper. Whenever I used to come home , she would run to me to love me. And I also got too close to her. 

Everyone liked this cat a lot , and even my mom and sis who didn't use to like cats much; they  started to like her even and all of my family became friends with this cat. 

One day when I woke up early in the morning to read the newspaper , I found that my cat was preying a sparrow , the sparrow was in her mouth. . I threw a stone at the wall behind her and she let go the sparrow . I thought that from this day we will never ever be good friends again as I didn't let her hunt but my cat knew the meaning of true friendship more than me , believe me , she like never thought  about this event again and kept on loving me the same.

I really loved all the scene when I used to give milk to her in the pot , and she would come running behind me "Purring" and hitting my leg with love. We were all meant to be good friends.

She never used to go on the roads , yes she was a little educated too. 

But ever since 2nd June 2003 (Monday) I never saw her again. May be she might have died in a car accident or someone else might have taken her away but I don't know where did my cat go? All I know is that I really love my cat a lot and I miss her every time I go to my garden where I used to play with ball with my cat.

I really miss my "Miaaoon" very much.

Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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