QWERTY Keyboard but why?

Even if animals learnt English, they still would be confused in using the keyboard as 'alphabets' are not in their right place. We all must be familiar with the training period we all required to get our fingers familiarized with different alphabet location on the keyboard so the question is why are the keyboards made in QWERTY style?

If we study the history, it turns out to be that QWERTY pattern is followed because it initially appeared on the typewriter in 1874 invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. All the alphabets were mounted on the metal arms or typebars in that typewriter and often pressing typebars caused jamming of the typewriters. To avoid this, the commonly used letter-pairs (like "th" or "st")  were put at distance so that their typebars were not neighboring thereby avoiding jams. Since the first computer such as Teletype was actually a typewriter so the pattern of alphabets were replicated.

It is a common notion that arranging alphabets in different sequence than the ordered sequence may actually cause slowing of the typing speed and that Sholes had this intention in mind to cause typists slow down to prevent jamming but it is not correct as research has indicated that typists type at same speed even with different alphabet sequenced keyboards.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Karachi, Pakistan.


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