10:10 Clock Time

Everywhere when we see the advertisements of clocks and watches, the time displayed is 10:10.  The display boxes of the watches also seem to display the same time.

Have you ever thought that what's the significance of this time? Was this time that the clocks were invented? Or does it mark anything special?

The answer to it is quite simple and interesting; the 10:10 time is set because it resembles a smiling face. If you see 8:20 time, it looks like a sad face. Some also believe that it resembles the wings of birds flying high in the sky. Another reason why clocks are shown with 10:10 time is that the company label is clearly visible and more prominent at this place.  Setting 10:10 time practice started in 1920 and since then it has been continued till this era.

So next time if you see 10:10, don't forget to smile back.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Karachi, Pakistan.



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