How To Have A Control Over Your Weight?

First of all get a weighing machine , check your weight daily and according to your desire of increasing weight , follow up the methods.

How to increase your weight?

1.Eat 6 chapattis in a single day , don't eat all of them in one time, check your weight daily and according to your desire of increasing weight , follow up the methods.

2.After every chapatti, or when you eat something heavy , drink milk.

3.You shall at least take up 6 glasses of milk, follow a glass of milk the same way you follow the procedure of having chapattis.

4.Try to eat potatoes , you can eat potato chips .

5.increase the content of meat in your diet , have more chicken , fish etc.

6.Develop a healthy and positive thinking , be happy all the time , don't take tension coz tension effects the body very badly.

7.Drink more and more water.

8.Eat more and more bananas.

9.Eggs will help you a lot in gaining weight.

Follow this procedure for one week first and then note the difference in your weight. In one week , approximately 5 pounds will be increased , go on with this diet till you approach the weight limit you wish for , and when you want to stop , then leave these methods.

How to decrease your weight?

Most people are interested in decreasing their weight , so here are some good tips for them.

1.Eat only when you feel hungry , don't over eat.

2.Before starting your dinner or before eating a heavy meal , drink two glasses of water , that will work in this way , that your stomach will be over filled and you will eat less.

3.Avoid eating potato chips and biscuits at any cost.

4.Follow a proper routine of exercise daily , you can go on jogging , cycling for one and half hour , that will burn your unwanted fats.

5.Avoid eating meat and animal fats.

6.If you are living in a double story house , then run fast on your stairs for at least 7 times a day , that will reduce your weight.

7.Try to decrease the content of milk and eggs in your diet.

8. Drink green tea as much as you can , you will see you will never become fat if you drink green tea everyday.

9.Fruits and vegetables are packed with beneficial fibers, vitamins and antioxidants. They fill up your stomach fast so you feel full earlier. They are also low in calories and helps to keep your calorie count low

10. Research has shown that people who stay awake in night for a longer period of time tend to get more fat. 

11. If your oral hygiene is not good, it could also increase chances of weight gain as Periodontitis can cause metabolic derangements.

12. Associate very negative image with food substances that cause weight gain. For example when you are trying to consume burger or pizza, think about some fat, ugly person and imagine yourself vomiting upon eating the first bite of it.

Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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