Taking care of your hair

Hair loss and hair dandruff is always a problem, not only for women but also for everyone, dandruff does not cause a feeling of under estimation but is also harmful for your body. 

How the dandruff is produced?

If you take chilies and spices in too excess, surely you are going to be a victim of dandruff , excessive exposure to sunlight and iving in polluted area are few causes of the dandruff. Dandruff is produced by a fungus that resides in every human but in some humans it causes more production of dandruff and in some it causes very often. If you continuously expose your hair to chemicals and especially dyes , your hair health is going to suffer.  If you feel irritated and itchy when going out in the sun, it is also another sign of dandruff.

Keeping good health for your hair:

When you enter your home, wash your hair by water so that dust and chemicals settled in your hair may be removed, try washing your hair without any soap or shampoo, the more you will use these chemicals , the more your hair are going to suffer.

To have a good shiny hair, strong hair, silky and dense, use yolk of egg mixed with curd once in a week, apply it on your hair for half an hour, if necessary then use olive oil with it. In some persons this same method may cause more dandruff but if you want to have a shine , it is necessary.

Reducing the dandruff:

Often the potent anti-dandruff shampoos reduce your dandruff at the expense of harming the shine of your hair meaning that dandruff would be gone but your hair might look very rough. Here is a natural remedy for the reduction of dandruff. 

Take half a tea spoon of tea (not liquid, I mean the tea powder) in a glass, take another glass and strainer, add a little warm water in one glass along with the tea, pass it to the other glass by strainer, repeat the process 5-6 times, then use the water on your hair, remember not to use tea on your hair but the tea water (mixed with tea) , apply it for 5-6 minutes and then wash your hair. This will remove the dandruff, you can apply Vaseline in a little amount on your hair to give them shine and remember not to repeat the process if there no dandruff re-appears in your head, use it only when you find your hair with dandruff.

Your tips may be much more useful:

If you have some good anti-dandruff tip, do send it to me, if you have tried it on your hair and found it useable, your tip would be added in the site along with your name.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

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