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Our perceptions about life greatly define our satisfaction level about life. If we follow a good approach towards life, we would be less prone to suffer from depression and down phases could be managed easily. This article just discusses few tips that can help you love your life.


1. Always love people

If we start to have a kind heart full of love and affection for everyone around us, people are not only going to be more receptive and warm towards you but you would also feel a feeling of inner contentment and satisfaction.

If we can learn to forgive people, let go of their mistakes and bad doings, we would be doing ourselves one of the biggest favors on earth. So always have good to think about people and good to give to them. you do not need to do anything big, your smile and few minutes discussion about their matters is going to make people love you back.

2. Never discriminate

Life can be made very pleasant if we think everyone equal and give all people respect, understand and provide them their due rights. What’s there to classify people on the basis of their colour, origin and region; God did not ask anyone the option to choose a country to born in, so stop measuring people against these external standards. Try to love every human soul.

3. Never blame

Never blame anyone of your faults I would like to mention here a quotation about blaming and after reading it i hope you will mend yourselves too

‘Those who blame others for their faults should blame others for their success too’ .

When we blame others for anything, we virtually block all ways of analyzing our mistakes and hence put a big lock on any chance that could be availed to improve ourselves.

4.1 hour please


Keep your mind and thoughts positive.

5. Nature is nature

Going against the laws of nature is obviously inviting depression to enter your mind and be a permanent resident there. try not doing things or following paths that are against the human nature. similarly god has made the day light for work and night time to sleep and relax, if we change ourselves in the sense that we become night birds and sleep in day, we are only going to disturb the balance of our life and its only going to bring strain in our life.

6. If I were you

Yes before taking decisions, always think that if you were at the place of the other person then what treatment would you like to have from others and the type of treatment you’ll like to have shall be offered to people around you. How can we expect to live a balanced life when we choose some different standard for others and a different for ourselves.

7. Importance of religion

It has been found that people who believe in religion or some higher being are more satisfied in their lives and suffer from less depression compared to people who do not believe in any higher being. When we get troubled, we turn to God and pray from Him and have a belief that God would help us but if we do not believe in God at all, we would try to solve everything on our own and as humans we all know we have not been given control over everything.

8. Neat clean places

 Make yourself neat, your room neat, your house neat , your city neat and your country neat. You would feel more comfortable and happier to work in an environment that is neat and clean, it would help you feel fresh as well as save your time when you need to find something.

9. Sharing

Always share your feelings with someone if you have no one share it with your diary but do remember to take your thoughts out of yourself even if you wish to draw a line then simply take a page and draw a line on it,it will really make you relax .keeping things with is going to make your own self tired and weary. Remember we all need an outlet.

  Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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