De-waxing Your Ears

The wax ain't bad:

Since the formation of ear wax is a natural phenomenon, there must be some advantage to it otherwise nature wouldn't have created it in first place. Do not hate all the wax or intend to remove it completely because the wax is protective in nature. Recent research has shown that the ear wax contains at least 10 types of proteins which help to prevent the bacteria and fungus in our ears to cause infections. At any time, if the level of these proteins decrease, we may be prone to develop ear infections, hence it is a local defense system for the body.

It also keeps the ear clear by entrapping the dirt particles present in the air thereby preventing the entry of dirt particles deep in the ears. Last but not the least, the ear wax helps keeping the ear moist; if not produced at all, the ear may feel extremely dry and you may experience itching in the ear.


Are cotton buds safe?:

Reports have emerged from different parts of the world where people have often caused injuries to their ears by using cotton buds to remove ear wax. This may be related to wrong technique or excessive force applied, similarly at times, there is risk of part of cotton breaking inside the ear which can cause problems in hearing. Sometimes, people can push the cotton bud too deep. If you think you can control effectively the force and not push cotton bud very deep in the ear, you can use it.


Home remedy for ear wax removal:

 You can use Hydrogen peroxide or Olive oil or Glycerin for ear wax removal.

To use Hydrogen peroxide, add few drops of Hydrogen peroxide in your ears. You may hear fizzing or cold sensation which will be because of Hydrogen peroxide melting the ear wax, nothing to worry about. Now lay down on your side in a way that the ear which contains Hydrogen peroxide is not touching your bed, allow it to enter more deeper. After 30 seconds, tilt your head to allow Hydrogen peroxide to come out of the ear.

If you are using Olive oil or Glycerin to remove ear wax; you should warm it and then add the warm oil or Glycerin in ear and tilt your head in a way that the oil or Glycerin can flow inside the ear. Let it remain there in the ear for almost a minute, then tilt the head to opposite side to facilitate the removal of oil or Glycerin from the ear, following which you should flush your ear with water to remove the remaining debris and likewise, allow the water to come out of the ear by tilting your head.

Ear care:

If still symptoms persist, please visit a doctor.

Listening to Mp3 or loud music by headphones is damaging for your ear. Try not to listen through earphones for very long time.


Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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