Signs of Disturbed Psychology


In this article we would talk about possible signs of disturbed psychology and abnormal behavior that can be spotted in people in their everyday dealing. People who have a balanced personality and well oriented psychology would have most of the following characteristics.


1.They would not be highly aggressive.

2. They would not discriminate people.

3. When you look at them or talk to them, they should give an intelligent look back to you or respond you with smile.

4.They would let others speak as well, listen to others with patience and be not amongst those who only like to speak and speak without letting others say a word too.

6.They should not be emotional to a level that is dangerous that can destroy things by forcing people to take immediate decisions.

7.Socialize to people around him/her.

8.Should have certain likes and dislikes of his/her own.

9. They should be able to make distinction between rational and irrational thoughts.

10. They should have the ability to analyze situations and not stick to their own beliefs and thoughts no matter what.



1.Failing in relations; both with family members and with their friends.

2.If they have no one to share their feelings, time and things with.

3.A drastic change in life, losing someone with whom they were attached to, getting idle after being busy for a long period of time.

4. Immense fear from anything.

5. Sticking hard to some matter of past or remembering/ thinking about something more than certain limit in a way that rest of the things in life seem secondary. 

6. Continuous pressure from something or someone.

7.Doing work without break.

8. Living an isolated life, having very minimal friends to hang out with or living life within certain restrictions.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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