One young man went for an interview.

 Q. When did India get independence? He was asked.

 A. The efforts began a few years earlier and final
results was in
 1947 he replied.

 Q. Who was responsible for our independence?

 A. There were so many. Whom to mention? If I name
one it will be a
 injustice to another; he replied.

 Q Is corruption the number one enemy in our country?

 A. Some research is going on the subject and I can
answer with
 certainty only after seeing the report; he replied.

 The interview board was very pleased with his
original and thoughtful
 answers and asked him not to reveal the questions to
others, since
they were planning to ask the same questions.
 When he went out, naturally others were curious to
know what was
 asked. He politely declined, but one persistent
Sardar would not
 leave him. ''At least tell me the answers''; he pleaded,
and our friend

 Then it was the turn of the Sardar. When he went
inside, since his
 resume was slightly illegible, the board member
asked him:
 Q. By the way, what is your date of birth?

 A. Sardar replied, the effort began a few years
earlier and final
 result was in 1947.

Somewhat puzzled, they asked another clarification:

What is your father's name?

Sardar replied, there were so many. Whom to mention.
If I name one,
it will be injustice to another.

The interviewer was incensed. Hey! are you mad or
 Sardar replied: Some research is going on the
subject. I can answer
 with certainty only after seeing the report.


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