How to lose a friend in one week?



As being always influenced by romantic comedies like Runaway Bride, My best friend's wedding etc and a new movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days?" though I could not watch the movie coz of my annual papers but as I heard the story , I really loved the movie.

This article is not related to the movie (though the name is) it features about the things that you should never do , and if you do you'll lose your friend in a short span of time.

1.Pay no attention:

Whenever your friend starts to talk, simply pay no attention to talks, start doing something else, read a novel, or keep on looking here and there.

2.Always talk about yourself:

Just keep on talking about yourself, your love, your world, your love, don't give other person any second to speak or talk about himself.

3.Complain always:

Instead of tolerating and avoiding little things, never forgive and forget, complain always that you did this to me , you did that to me.

4.Do it a little , make it big:

Once in a while , buy your friend a low cost ice-cream , now keep on recalling that you did a great work everyday.

5.Never appreciate or laugh:

Whatever he tells you, something good that he has done, do not appreciate , just say "ok so ?What's the point?" If he tells a joke, don't even smile.

6.No problem to be discussed:

If he has got a problem , simply refuse to listen to it , you don't have time to listen to it, you don't have time or listen to it and when he's finished , say 'Hhh quite boring?"

7.Turning him against his family:

The most important thing to lose a friend , start turning him against his family and friends by saying "Your friends are strange or your sister is too much".

8.Never thank:

Never say thanks if he brings you some gift or does something for you at least that's  his obligation.

9.Full time ignore:

Never let him feel that you care for him, while with him always talk about other people and their best things  , and talk like I wish I had a friend like that too and not you.

10.Emotional blackmailing:

Extensive expressions of emotions will make you lose your friend very quickly , on everything get angry at least for two days , never forgive that incidence and never forget that incidence, watch 5-6 emotional movies regarding fight especially "Enough" which will help violating your mind and then start to fight.

11.Never give any thing or wish:

Never call your friend on Eid or New Year or Birthday , do not give any gift and never ever wish him birthday or any thing.

12.Never call or answer:

Never call your friend or if he calls you , do not talk good , say "I was busy , is there any important thing you wish to say" of if he leaves a message on your answering machine, don't ever call back, if he writes you a letter, never reply , if he takes you to a shop or to a hotel, make a fat ugly angry face , don't take anything from his money, if he asks your opinion about anything just don't answer or say "I have no time for such things" , completely criticize his ideas, his choice, his nature, his clothes, car etc .


These are vital tips to lose a good friend in 1 week.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Abbottabad, Pakistan.


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