Book Review: THE SECRET

by Rhonda Byrne

Cool Bluez Rating (6.5/10)

The secret is a very simple book to read. It is based on very simple principles which if followed in life can ensure happy and successful living. The book deals with increasing self confidence and faith and how to get rid of the negative behavior which may be impeding in our path of success.

Selected Points From The Book


1. Law of attraction: What you think you become like that.

2. Thoughts become things.

3. Think what you want rather than what you do not want.

4. Change life in 3 steps: i Ask; you can write it on paper but be clear to yourself about what you want life to be. ii. Believe: You are going to receive what you have asked for, have faith.iii. Receive: Feel the way you will feel after you would be getting what you have wished for.

5. Begin your day with gratitude.

6. When you think negative thoughts, negative events would happen. To change circumstances, change thinking.

7. Until you don't love yourself and treat yourself the way how you want people to treat you, people will not like you.
8. Your job is you, fulfill yourself first in order to be able to give something to people.

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