Stories & Glories from Pakistan & Australia

A brief description of the book:

Stories & Glories from Pakistan & Australia is a personal collection and reflection of different events and incidents that I came across during my stay in both countries.  The book aims to show a positive side of human interaction and connection which is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media. Although not a travelogue, but the book contains changing perceptions and diverse experiences starting from the cultural shock to feeling home sick to learning to accept living in a new country as well as learning different values from wonderful people of both the countries. Inserted in the book are over a 1000 pictures from Pakistan, some are related to tourism and others are related to people who have made important contributions in their work. The book also features success stories and ways to improve our society. As a big fan of Roxette and Mohammad Hafeez 'Professor', the book reflects what their work meant for me and how it shaped me and my thinking.

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Depending on your device type, the book is available in following formats

1. PDF (The book is best read as a PDF due to the proper alignment and orientation of pictures and text)

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