Jokes 3


1. The law of gravity

Once a teacher asked a student “Can you tell why we stand stable on earth?”

Student “Due to the law of gravity”.

Teacher “yes, you are right”.

Another student asked ‘But teacher, what used to happen before the law was made?”.

2. Do you have time?

Once a girl was waiting for her car to come. She wanted to know the time but did not have any wrist watch , so she asked a lady who was in quite hurry “Excuse me miss do you have time?”

The lady replied ‘Yes but for whom?”

3. A cockroach fell into it.

A beggar was roaming streets in Delhi and saying “Hey give me something to drink?”.

A boy in the house heard him and brought the beggar a glass of organge juice. After the begger finished one glass, the boy offered him another. The beggar accepted it happily. This kept happening till the beggar finished five glasses . The beggar then asked “Was orange juice made in extra quantity today?”. The boy replied “No actually a cockroach fell into it”.

4. Hungry is in the office.

A beggar knocked the door of a house. When the woman opened the door, the beggar asked “Hey, do you have something to give to the hungry?” Woman “Yes I have but the hungry is in office”.

5. Our prayers are fulfilled

John had 1 female parrot that was very naughty; he went to his friend James where he saw his 2 male parrots. They looked very innocent and quiet and they spent most time praying. John thought that he shall give his female parrot to James for few days so her female parrot also becomes sober and decent.

But as soon James put John’s female parrot in the cage, one male parrot said to the other male parrot who was praying “Wake up, wake up what we prayed for so long we finally got it’.

6. 1 second please

Once a man dialed to British airways and asked ‘How long it takes to reach London from New York?”.

The person at airways said “1 second sir”.

The man answered ” Ok thank you very much” and hang up the phone.

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